Chiefs Rewind: Week 3 vs. Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jonathan Taylor Reply

Begins at 2:15

Ernest Crunkleton Reply

What I saw is a Ravens team that was pressing, going on fourth down in their own end, chasing those extra points, going for those shot plays when they were dominating with a ball control style.

Great job Chiefs!

Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

you adjust,

Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

see, you are having to deal with protecting the whole field πŸ€”

    Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

    that’s crazy-good

J Woe Reply

Who knew Lamar Jackson was so religious? Every one of his throws was a prayer.

    Jt Perkins Reply

    J Woe that’s good one!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Rock Solid Reply


    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    Two of his prayers were answered on 4th down to make it close.

    Mr Filo Reply

    Don’t remember which D Back that was in coverage on the one 4th down throw that was up for grabs but instead of trying to pick it he should have just knocked it down.

    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    @Mr Filo Charvarius Ward

Jane Bruce Reply

Yea, Chiefs! Love you!

Masterchi Reply

Morris Claiborne should be back week 5. The D should continue to improve.

    jose velazco Reply

    Mr Filo idk man we gotta do something tho, I think we should still try for Ramsey

    Mr Filo Reply

    @jose velazco Depends on what they want 2 #1s and more is to much hes good but he’s no Deion he does get beat. In the game Monday he got beat on a long pass play.

    Masterchi Reply

    @jose velazco i have feeling Ragland might get trade. But Hitchens has not impress me at all, since he’s been here. Smh. Rather have Rangland over him any day.

    jose velazco Reply

    Masterchi I KNOW MAN !! They call him the hitman for nothing

    jose velazco Reply

    Mr Filo Idk man I just hope the pats don’t get him

Josh Parks Reply

The Chiefs are lucky to have Patrick Mahomes. To think 9 other teams passed on him. Chiefs fans should appreciate every game that he plays in.

    TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn Reply

    I was there in β€˜83 when KC passed on Jim Kelley & took Todd Blackledge instead. That was the last time we drafted a QB in the 1st round till Mahomes. Believe me, we appreciate it every day. At least the old school fans do! 😊

    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    @TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn Why did you go there? I spend half my life trying to forget it.

    Mr Filo Reply

    Told my wife and son we should send thank your cards to Buffalo for letting us trade up in the draft to get Patrick & for cutting Shady this year. Thank you Buffalo.

    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    @Mr Filo LMAO

Rangecontrol Reply

Mecole’s excitement is contagious. I love it.

Ian Ballard Reply

“It’s over. Ain’t nobody finna catch me. It’s over” –Mecole Hardman

jose velazco Reply

And we’re doing all this WITHOUT hill

    Tripp Trinidad Reply

    jose velazco when he comes back, the other teams defense will have problems

    jose velazco Reply

    Tripp Trinidad yup

Ken Payton Reply

Can’t wait to see him and Hill together


And Darrel Williams blocking as an upback picking up linebackers. Great, great job.

lionswhelp7 Reply

ET What happen stoping the BIG plays?! #LegionOfZoom!

Slim is chillin Reply

Shawn barber is doing amazing at this.

Anonymous Reply


Roland Carlos Reply

Give Patrick Derek Thomas and Neil Smith and we have and 18-0 season!!!

Harles Elliot Reply

ITS SO GOOD too see our defense get better! Thanks for the Hard work men!

las vegs trip stoker Reply

Great game Patty. With the running backs hurt and Tyreek out you continue to amaze. Nice job also by the Ravens young qb. What a great athlete.

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