Chiefs Rewind: Week 1 vs. Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What the hell happened to the broadcast. Had to watch Cleveland game that took it’s place early in the 4 th quarter.

    Mongo Graham

    Well they ended the Chiefs feed by saying “We will now take you to a more competitive game.” But then suddenly it was horrible, catastrophic technical difficulties…. hmm…


    @Mongo Graham Well, even the Highlights Do not show the end of the game

    Douglas Strehlow Lowry

    Donald anyy other 🙃 than Chiefs is blasphemy


    @My96XJ Yeah, there was a major power outage at the stadium, like, half the stadium lost power, and all feeds were lost. NFL Network was there to get tape for their highlight reels, and they lost their feed too.

Mary Ann Boyer

Very pissed that the game switched before it was over. I don’t believe it was technical difficulties. Good excuse cbs & nfl. 😡😡

    Douglas Strehlow Lowry

    Mary Ann Boyer Why don’t they quo that crap!) if you’re not interested in Kansas City Chiefs winning, f*you

    CJ S

    @My96XJ that’s what I said lol


    Power outage in a CBS van.

    Thomas Gavin

    No, they said they were switching to a more competitive game


    @Thomas Gavin If you ever paid attention, you’d find out that there was a main power failure at the stadium, a bunch of equipment and half the stadium lost power. He said that because it was what they’re scripted to say.


That Oline needs to protect Pat better. Hope Tyreek is ok. Geez the Jags play dirty. If I ever see Ramsey I’m gonna kick him in the nuts.

    Zimm Can

    Kansas City Chiefs Women’s Long Sleeve

    Butch Davis

    Pat has to get the ball off, we have to handle stunts better and maybe take one out of the pass pattern to help protect Pat. There’s so much that’s wrong with that week 1win…and we still dominated!

    danica Jones


Terry McBride

Andy’s holding Aces this year!

Aries King

Damn I know it was the first game but once again the secondary looking bad hope they can clean that up moving forward

    Dennis Lasley

    The secondary has been swiss cheese for years


    I think come mid season we should be at 16-18 ranked D

    Derek Mathews

    Give it time.

    Dennis Lasley

    @Norseman that would be good enough for a Superbowl run


    Yup! That ain’t gonna cut it against the Pats…smh


So, will the Chiefs put up 56 points against the Raiders? Or just 52…

    RamblinroseDigger Winton

    Just as long as the chiefs win!

    eric siggins

    40 first half Matt Moore is gonna have more tds than some other nfl starters

    Rusty Reese

    Would love to see it, but AFC west teams always play each other tough


Mahomes had second-most throwing yards of his young career with 3 TDs, and Chiefs scored 40. Anyone else feel like they were just scratching the surface of their potential this year?

    David B

    I felt like they took it down a notch after the 1st quarter and then coasted to the end. I feel Mahomes could have had 600 yards during this game. This was a good game 1 of the regular season.

J.J. Alleson

Watkins skinned some cats today
He looks like he’s understanding the offence..

    Kevin F

    His cut moves and YAC were impressive today.

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

if you cannot protect thee MVP, f*

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

just another example of the “preducice” against the Chiefs

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

when you put a QB like a running back, look , you have to protect him from abuse

sucio MHM1

We need a super Bowl ring chiefs plz

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Nice game!!! Time too get some sleep and then back too it coach Reid!

Paul Moyer

It’s 110 degrees in Jacksonville, and he is wearing a ski cap?


Got out of Crapsonville with a win. Tough game when the other team is the dirtiest in the league, and the temperature was over 100 on the field. Hope Mahomes’ ankle is OK.

joshua breedlove

For the next chiefs rewind can we not have the bar on the bottom. Or at least make it smaller.

Tyler Lyon

This early season highly physical matchup can really have a lasting effect on the health of the Chiefs overall. Let’s just get healthy and draw up some plays to get the ball out of Mahomes hands much quicker than we did week 1. Other than that, this team seems absolutely unstoppable.

eric siggins

What happened to big mouth jalen Ramsey he got schooled


The previous version of Chiefs Rewind is much better. This should be called Chiefs Podium….with a pair of big boxes at the bottom of the screen, with the same info over and over, for the whole broadcast. Where’s BJ Kissel?
The previous version, that was produced and televised, had highlights and breakdowns of key plays. This seemed like it was just rambling thrown together.

David B

Great game… GO CHIEFS!!!!
Defense looked ok for their first regular season game. 15 more games to build on this performance.
Patriots vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship…

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