Chiefs Field Pass: Week 3 vs. Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ja bundy Reply

Patty mahomes for president 2020

sucio MHM1 Reply

Lets go chiefs ! Can you plz go to the super Bowl plz

Nkosi Rooms Reply

They slow roasting the Ravens out there.

Williewillie Williewillie Reply


Ben Struck Reply

You all hear that? That’s a silent raven! Mark Ingram punched the chiefs logo and it punched Lamar Jackson back. HAHAHAHAHA

Justin Trobaugh Reply

They still getting to mahomes way to much let’s work on that please

    Nissan370Z Reply

    Lots of dirty stuff after the play was done.

    Norseman Reply

    Since Reid has been here the Oline has sucked pretty much. I hope they are reading this. Reid also called late second quarter TO where he wasted 12 seconds. The D rush needs to turn it up more. Another quick observation aren’t the Superbowl champs supposed to have the hardest Schedule? Seems not….Chiefs schedule is just going to make them hard.

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