Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins Week 3 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Patches O'Houlihan

Trubisky gotta show up for this one.

    Patches O'Houlihan

    @Kenyon Leary Don’t remind me haha


    @Patches O’Houlihan — Nah. Dak and Wentz are better QB’s than Mitch with more seasoned WR. Trubisky continues to overthrow wide open receivers. RUN is the safest bet.

    Patches O'Houlihan

    @swiftslick And that’s the problem. They drafted him 2nd when they could’ve had Mahomes or Watson

    Zachary Luedke

    Patches O’Houlihan the only one people get for saying that is Watson remember trubisky was ranked higher in the draft than Mahomes

Daniel Dandridge

HTTR but yea we’re losing 0-3 it is

    Kenyon Leary

    Nope… o ye of little Faith

    BEARDOWN BITCHES #fuckparkey

    Have faith bro good luck to your skins 🐻⬇

Big Neezy

Bears got a great defense but damn they offense need hella work


    DAAA CUBS!!! 😁😠


    BM32 – The Cubs can only dream of growing up and becoming Bears.

    Uncle Curt

    The offense dosent need work our qb dose

Sports 311

Bears D is doing its job. Mitch & the offense better get themselves together and get out of this funk they’re in right now

    Chris Nguyen

    Mitch is a bust mate.


People actually think the Redskins gonna put 20 points on the bears defense 💀

    da'ved velazquez

    They’d be put up 29 points back to back

    Windy City sniper

    Id be suprised if they score a td

Star Destroyer

Hope Mitch can have some passing touchdowns

Supermemes1000 1000

Bears offensive is just horrific but defense is really good while the skins are more evened out final score skins 20 bears 16

    Scott Mayfield

    the Skins are not scoring 20 on the Bears, no chance in hell, 16 or 17 if even that


    They might not score at all on Chicago D.

TreyJames 19

Fun Fact: Last time the Redskins lost to the Bears was December 21st 2003
With that said i pick the Redskins to win 23-20


    Broncos also have the best record first 2 weeks of the season and they’re 0-2 right now

    TreyJames 19

    @BM32 sounds like my comment gave you some good memories

    TreyJames 19

    @Moe Snert Sad thing is that Cutler is still the Greatest Bears QB of all time

    De'Angelo Hickman

    yeah they own us…I think we win this one tho 20-13


Breakout game for the Bears offense or they have major issues.

Ian Osorio

Bears will win 23-6

Yousef Osmani

Redskins need to sign Eric Berry.. he is a major upgrade of Nicholson. While we’re at kicking old tires give Jay Ajayi a shot.

    Severe Influence

    We have AP….

PCray ThePlug

Bears looked much more comfortable against broncos. Wish we were like that against Green Bay but then again we started off like this last yesr

Tenno Tube2


Teniola Turton

I don’t watch football, but i want to get into it….

Jeff M

The bears offense is a huge question mark right now. So, who knows what the outcome will be. We keep counting on the defense, but they can have an off game here and there even though they are elite.

septic 06

Crazy bears and broncos game right? I’ve never seen a walk off field goal

C _man

I’ll be at this game HTTR


The New England Patriots ( 6–5 ) and Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6–2 ) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the Dallas Cowboys ( 5–3 ) and the San Francisco 49ers ( 5–1 ) have five wins. Greenbay has 4. Giants 4 Redskins 3 Raider 3-2, Denver 3, Colts 2 Miami 2 Hmmm where are the Bears LMAO

I dont blame Packer fans for boasting. After all its not their fault their team has a winning tradition and the bears always suck. Stupid bear fans put up with losing so they deserve all the crap they get! Chicago is a great city but fans here have no standards at all. They embrace losing. Even players always say the fans and media here are so soft compared to other places. Chicago does not demand winning at all, they accept and embrace losing! A tiny town like Greenbay has higher standards than us!
The Bears take a dump on their fans and the fans beg for more



Mike McKenna

Go Bears but still not sure how they got :01 added to clock when it was :00 after Trubisky’s final pass.

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