Cheer spotlight: Briana – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

she truly is a great ambassador.

the Lions cheerleaders were such a great idea.

role models!!!!


2:05 gotta get out someone classic this year….Eminem…AND Kid Rock……….sounds crazy i know.

we gotta celebrate this city! you know what, yea…

start with Motown, work your way up to today! hell even throw in ICP, its not liek the DIDNT have an impact!

4Eva Detroit.

this is OUR year. time to show the coutnry how much Detroit has mattered to it. and loves it back oh so much.


Fuckingbuythedip! BTFD

go lions

Fred Tomaszek

Briana, Welcome to the Lions!! Big fan here from Grand Rapids, saw you went to GVSU. Go Lakers! #OnePride #HawaiianBlue GO Lions!!!


Our honeys just keep getting finer every year and she would be the hottest teacher I ever had. Get ’em loud on Sunday against the Chiefs, Briana!!!

Dennis T

Change Our Culture Change Our World 🌎. Good luck this year and keep up the good works.

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