Checking in with Rookie DL Jordan Elliott | Best Podcast Available – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ThatboiBarack Reply

Epic year

monica johns Reply

Love the Browns

ThatboiBarack Reply

First to comment clicked right of my video

Odell Beckham III Reply

Here we go brownies here we go

Odell Beckham III Reply

Dawg check

MEKHIisBrave 142 Reply

Plz don’t trade myles 🤎💛🧡DAWG POUND

Rob Tintelnot Reply

They got rid of the one helmet rule? Good.

Dustin Murphy Reply

Yes Jordan Elliott! Been waiting for you guys to talk w/ him! Super fired up about this pick.

Dustin Murphy Reply

Lmao ” Kevin Stefanski is a westsider” hahaha YES

Art Johanson Reply

Great Kid. Welcome to Cleveland Jordan.

LimitlessPotential Reply

One of my favorite picks in the entire draft

J Reply


Jimmy Jones Reply

Got to know him a little better😏

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