Chase Winovich: “It’s great looking at the gleaming moments, but there is a lot to improve on” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

Spoken like a true Patriot. He could be the next Vrabel/Ninkovich

    Jose Lopez

    Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights number 50

    Big White Duck

    Hes the ninkovich of the Dline. Captain of my overlooked 11 out of the draft


Hell of a game yalls looked strong asf. PATRIOTS NATION baby

Christopher Phillips

This guy looked great tonight!! Go Pats!

Classified Chappy

Such an amazing player!

Rob Balouchi

the next #50 sensation

Luke Draleaus

Hope he carries the torch of No. 50

Wilbur The Pig

Many are sleeping on this young man. He will give QB’s hell….

TheGuyWithTaste Dan

Bill must have the biggest defensive football hard on listening to and watching this guy.

    Brian Kimball

    The ol’ DFHO… oh yeah!

Aaron L

Yeah its preseason but DAMN them patriots look vicious

    Raymond Gagne

    Especially that defense!!

    Ken Hoang

    And Brady didn’t even play, it was 31-3. If Brady played, would be 100-3.

    Aaron L

    @Raymond Gagne


This kid is gonna be a good one.I have been a Pats fan since 1970.Trust me after watching him tonight vs Detroit he’s the real deal.

Golden nugget of wisdom

It’s Clay Matthews 2.0.

Juan Romero

I don’t know why but I see a future on this kid😬

Andrew Ferguson

Our defense is loaded!! They sleeping on that pash rush

Well I agree with what you said, but

He got really lucky to be drafted by the patriots and it seems like hes absolutely loving it. Seems like the enthusiasm is really motivating him to do well

Eric Wiitala

He’s having fun and I think the coaches really enjoy working with him. He could be the steal of the draft and as long as he stays healthy, possible defensive rookie of the year.

Charly Gr. v.L.

Let’s go, Chase- do your JOB –


Chase and Bush were the heart and soul in Michigan.. looking forward to them showing people why.

Mark Ziegler

Bears and Pats in the super bowl this year.

Rob Roberts

Chase is that happy go lucky guy off the field that becomes an animal on the field.

Rusty Shackleford

We missed clay years back in the draft but this year we didn’t great start for this guy

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