Chase Winovich: “It all goes back to my teammates and the hard work we put in” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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D Mur Reply

Wino the Wolverine is going to be a stud.

    Gavin Hutchison Reply

    Facts #goblue

Well I agree with what you said, but Reply

Love this guy

Big Travis Reply

I hope Dante Hightower and the crew embraces Chase as a brother

    Lashunda Smith Reply


    Jon Merrifield Reply

    This kid is so young and motivated with him on the d line in the first game it’s going to be explosive I say he will be the lead sack guy this year stay healthy and keep up,with that fire in side

brandon bernabe Reply

Dude is legit

Miguel Tova Reply

Winovich is a monster

Brian Kimball Reply

I like this guy.

Lashunda Smith Reply

Chase….. Love the way he does his hair…. Pats Strong baby

Ricardo AssLips Reply


    Manita Epps Reply

    Said the Goat #TomBrady

    Owen Pustell Reply

    Yes dad, right away

TruePatriot1776 ** Reply


420xSomewhere Reply

The real question we need an answer to: “Chase, is 50 going to be your final number? Because I need to go buy your jersey as soon as possible. Thanks!”

Juswan Reply

Instant fan favorite

Scott Laux Reply

Chase like Tom Brady was the perfect Michigan man and he’ll be the perfect New England Patriot.

Benjamin O'Brien Reply

Smart player! He’s gonna do well in NE

Eric Wiitala Reply

Someone get that man $5 and a chocolate bar!!


Can anybody say seven?

PatsFan89 Reply

This dude right here…….his motor is second to none man. Finishes out every play, sure tackler, Smart player …. I can see him getting a ton of meaningful minutes his rookie year. I think the Patriots are going 3-4 defense this year so that will benefit him a ton with playing time. Rooting for this young man 💪. Go Pats!

james ian Reply

i thought he was quick last night, and that 40 yard dash to that QB sack was what the Patriots do. always living the dream. bTW he got a freaky body i mean his hips look big for his weight.


Chase is a beast but looks like he a little sweet playing with his hair

Judilyn Travis Reply

He loves his grandma.
Keep up the good work
God Bless the Patriots
All you rookies are going to the Superbowl
#7 🏆 🏆 🏆🏆 🏆🏆 🏆

Natasha cutie pie Reply

My God… Literally lol

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