Chase Edmonds talks about his LeSean McCoy connection | Out of Bounds Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Larry Legend Reply

He looks like he is eighteen years old

Humble Rumble Reply

Chase Edmonds could have a big season if kliff uses him right splitting carries with Johnson, especially now with David Johnson dealing with a back injury.

    Chaz Bustos Reply

    No Edmonds should not get split touches with David. Edmonds is too small and would be getting in the way of DJ. I LOVE Edmonds but his place is back up as of for now. David should get around 16 touches on the ground and 5 touches in the air. Edmonds should bet 5 touches on ground 2 touches in the air. If we split their touches it will be sooo much worse wasting David Johnson like that

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @Chaz Bustos I think Kliff has done a good job at getting Edmunds involved. DJ is the main back but Chase is still gettting a decent amount of touches. It’s worked well so far

    Winston Wood Reply

    Chaz Bustos Have you watched a game this year? He’s been running the ball way better than DJ… Dj has done most of his damage receiving which is great but he doesn’t run as hard as he did before the injuries and he’s already banged up again

    Chaz Bustos Reply

    I’ve watched all of the games and Edmonds does not run the ball better than DJ. they both average about the same yards per run except Edmonds is 1. way smaller and is not a bruiser so he will be injured more likely way sooner. 2. Edmonds has gotten good runs because teams aren’t keying in on him and targeting him like they are David , he has the surprise element trust me if Edmonds were to take over as starter… bueno. David is our starter and should be cause he’s still a top 5 back in the league and his stats have proved that so far this year more total yards for scrimmage than Zeke bell Gurley saquon etc

    Winston Wood Reply

    Chaz Bustos DJ is injured as we speak I’m not saying Edmonds should be RB1 but we need to take some pressure off of DJ just because Edmonds is smaller doesn’t mean anything he looks way more explosive to me on handoffs if one of them goes down we are going to be screwed


Dude was killer in that touchdown play in 4th quarter

Brad P Reply

I hope we see Kyler run it right up the middle if he sees open space, cuz the Texans had success against the falcons last game doin the same thing. Let’s Go Cards!! Let’s get another Dub. Good luck Chase I know youl kill it Sunday! Get some!!

Peace Frog Reply

Lisa Matthews….;)

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