Chase Daniel: We had so many guys step up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

he played good today

Entrenched Trader

Great job Chase!

big poppa

Thank chase for a great game way to go


Good job by Daniel, helped get the division winner against the Vikings…….I hope Trubisky shoulder injury isn’t that serious, good thing we have a bye coming up after next week.

    J P

    Chase is a blatantly better thrower of the football and game manager than Mitch.
    You dont know what youre talking about. Probably a child who hasnt watched football for 30 years like some of us.
    Chase makes changes pre snap, he makes quick and accurate throws. The only thing Trubisky does better is run. Which we have runningbacks for.
    Oh dont worry, you wont hear me asking for Trubisky to be back. Lmao

    Jace Hermosill

    Mitch is out 6 weeks

    E- Clipse

    @J P JP we know you are AF lmao stop making troll accounts!

    E- Clipse

    @Gypsygaming178 dude JP is AF he made another account

    J P

    E- Clipse
    Have you ever sought medical treatment for schizophrenia? Ill bet your life that im not AF. I do agree with though. I guess thats not permitted.

Mr Patron

Chase was allowed in club DUB today. 👍👍👍

    Power Talk

    Wow…you wrong for
    Last week….Come on guys can I come to the party…lol

    King Mayne

    Big Dub for Chase 🐻⬇

    mark lawrence

    U KNOW IT!!!! 🐻⬇️




Chase did a DAMN good job today! 🐻⬇️

    Copper Beckville

    rawrzbarz Grown man. At this point its best to stay with him until he loses in bad fashion.

Free Bird

This is why a veteran makes a good backup.

    Jared Baux

    Marcus Savina that’s what I’m saying shut up it’s preseason

George Franklin

That up tempo offense works


    George Franklin fr!

    Ivo G

    trubisky is a bum. what was the difference 2 day.


Nice job Daniel for showing up for the team and for the fans! Bear Down!



Calvin Coolidge

He did his job as a backup today.

Mark Garza

He looked really confident and comfortable in the pocket. Good win

    Magic Trick88

    I think in year 2 he understands the plays for the bears version of playbook and he’s comfortable with the players we have and trust them

    j turner

    Team actually blocked for atleast one half. Daniels had a poor second half

    the truth

    He did, I noticed how un athletic he was when he is trying to run & abandoning the pocket last year, & even preseason. But when he stands strong & goes thru reads in the pocket he can play! He happily surprised me today, keep it up Chase!

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    @Magic Trick88 year 2 Hes was in the same offense with Nagy in KC. also a 10 year vet and it showed

Bo Wiggly

Much respect to chase Daniels..really wasn’t optimistic after tribusky went down.

    Calvin Coolidge

    The i is right next to the u in a keyboard, It was probably an accident.

    Ryan Larkin

    There’s only one Chase Daniel

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    I was estatic when Mitch went down because I knew 2 things would happen …1 Chase will replace him and 2. Montgomery will get more touches and we can finally control the clock and rest the over worked defense

    J P

    Nicholas Pergolizzi
    I celebrated internally when Trubisky went down.


    I was the opposite mitch went down I said ok…we’re winning today. Sad, but true!

mark lawrence

Thanks Chase, you were the vital part to this victory tonight


He talks like a veteran starter; his poise on the podium is impressive

    Marcus Savina

    He is a veteran starter

Jay Truth

Kind of sad that defenses wont be changing their schemes against our back up. But Chase was good enough to not lose. Just once in my life I’d like to see a dominate qb in Chicago

Brandon Freres

I could see it in chases eyes during the game that he was about to have a good one, dude was locked with laser focus. I’m proud to have this guy as our backup💪

    P Approves

    Brandon Freres facts

Nicholas Pergolizzi

21 carries for Montgomery ! I love it he only ran for like 53 yds but we ate clock and kept the Vikings defense honest thats how the Bears need to play , run to set up the pass. Even Peyton Mannings air raid offenses were run first to keep defenses off balance !

Robert Burnier

He’s 2-1 as a starter so its hard to complain about this backup QB. If the Vikings’ defense is that good then maybe he scores 24-30 against another team. So maybe we’re in good hands until Mitch comes back.

Didache 7

I’m telling you , Bears would be straight legit with with Daniel at QB! The offense INSTANTLY CLICKED 💡 he’s a smart guy and he KNOWS this system.

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