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Bryan Adams Reply

I think one of the reasons QuinnTricia signed Daniel is obviously not just to back up Stafford but physically he’s very similar to Blough and I think he’d be a great mentor for him. Stafford’s not really a good mentor for Blough because Blough just can’t even come close to Staffords arm strength but Daniel is very similar arm and size.👌

TheComicalCanadian Reply

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TheComicalCanadian Reply

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bigbabyzubas Reply

He’s A good backup.

Kyle Renneberg Reply

Thank you Detroit! As a lions fan I absolutely love this pick up! It was fun watching Driskill and that other guy play last year but we need someone who actually knows what they’re doing! We all hope Brian Hoyer can just ride the bench this season and collected easy 4 million but God forbid if anything ever happens like it did in 2019 we at least had someone who’s competent enough to win a game

Chris Caahbaugh Reply

Good backup on a decent contract and he knows a division rivals offence inside and out🤔🤔🤔might be an advantage for us

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