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Go Bears

Tyler 110601


Sean the savage

He better step it up he got beat by amos,an another db in protection played like sh*t in the game. If u do that against von an chubb they will eat all day on mitch an the run game. O line needs to bounce back huge this week

    Robert Medina

    It was more on the interior, James Daniels whiffed on some guys and didn’t even see guys running next to him

    Sean the savage

    @Robert Medina no leno had missed pass protections too. Look up this channel called bears barroom. He had a break down of the packers game he showed leno getting beat, long looking like a liability out there. Daniels did too but he also switched position’s in the off season with whitehair so he has so much pressure an so much more to control as a center now then he had when he was a guard. Leno did terrible in the game too. The video break down showed the whole o line failing mitch in the game. When they gave him a clean pocket mitch made good throws inside the pocket. The video will be called *the tape never lies trubisky was better than people think* he shows how bad leno, shaheen, sowell,long,massie at times, an daniels. The whole o line played bad. That video made me take much blame off trubisky an hella blame on the o line an wr’s.


    Sean the savage yeah this teddy bear was getting man handled by defensive backs smh

Brian K

Damn straight, Sean…this guy seems soft like a pillow top mattress…come on man! Play a little mad!

Anthony Cothran

I want Leno gone off the Bears he sucks

    Jordan A

    Anthony Cothran Straight up Bandwagon Fan

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @Jordan A Leno has been a left tackle ever since he was drafted what position change are you referring to?

    Jordan A

    Lamuel J Sackson Thought he changed positions, that’s why he was slacking in his “new” position. I know for a fact that someone on O-Line changed positions, anyways I edited it.

    James Hartman

    You mean our pro bowl veteran? Okay buddy

Lamuel J Sackson

You guys got clapped by a weakass front 7 last week and now you’re goin up against Miller and Chubb?? Play better this week cant expect Mitch to throw the ball when hes constantly pressured or the running backs getting tackled for losses

Edit: 🐻f*$#@#÷ ⬇️
Broncos 0
Bears 28


This dude looks scared and played horrible against the packers


The bears should’ve left Cody at center and Daniels at guard. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

    YO Yoyo

    Because they had plenty of time to have it down pat by week 1. They announced that change before training camp & Whitehair played G in college, Daniels C in college.

    YO Yoyo

    The line was bad week 1 but it was actually Leno & Long that were more concerning than Daniels or Whitehair. The only major play Daniels blew was that he snapped the ball & lost balance right away getting to his feet to fall down on that 3rd and 1 w/ Patterson at RB. That blew the play from the start & got Patterson stuffed. Other than that, Daniels was alright.


    YO Yoyo if ain’t broke, don’t fix it

KIngoookienation Alvarez

Good luck in Denver thanks again for sign my cast !

Chris Tragedia

O line a joke

Jimmy Marroquin

Charles Leno is so soft man. If you look at the tape he was being fronted by less than 200 pound safeties. Hes a joke. Hes going to have to show up on sunday.

Darrious Lockhart

I wish we had Trent Williams

Kenzie and Amyrah Gorgeous

The Bears need to give him a glass of milk because he’s muffin soft..especially last game 🤦🏽‍♂️


Run for your life Mitch, and where ever you throw it, throw it hard and fast.😂

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