Chargers vs. Saints FULL Scrimmage Highlights | 2019 Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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McFlei Reply

y’all had the nerve (THE NERVE!) to put DJ first.. wow

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    It’s fucking pathetic bro…why are we doing so damn much so close to the regular season??…im fucking pissed right now🤦🏾‍♂️

    Slim Vickins Reply

    @Legend__ 21 I’m with you…management extremely stubborn

    Rivers 619 Reply

    @Legend__ 21 Tell me about it! Seems like every year someone has to get gurt before the damn regular season 😤😤

Mark Kitterman Reply

Nasir Adderley and Derwin James both missing training camp is just a big damn bummer of the summer for Bolt fans. ⚡

    Frankie Y Reply

    Adrian Phillips was pro bowl special teams. Not safety. I think Berry is needed and him staying in the AFC West would be huge

    Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

    Frankie Y thank you!!! Exactly what I’m saying. Eric Berry leadership and knows the chiefs system is a huge plus for us. Dude can still ball

    Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

    Frankie Y and when Derwin is back ohh man. We got players after players. Bam!

    Frankie Y Reply

    @Mightyjey Mightyjey and with what we save on the Gordon contract we could definitely afford a one year rental with Berry. He would be a great mentor for James, Adderley and Jenkins. And he’d have a reason to play harder against the one team we really need to beat which is the chiefs. I definitely agree with you

    Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

    Frankie Y amen brother! You on point!

James Noel Reply

The chargers always have injuries to there team it’s so disappointing

B A Reply

At this moment bench all starters and let depth play

Don Soulo Reply

No more damn joint practices! We’re losing our top players!!! Take it down a notch damn it!!

    Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

    Seriously why they going hard for. No need to prove anything smh

    Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

    We neee to look at Eric Berry

    Don Soulo Reply

    I think berry is unreliable health wise. I’d look at Calvin pryor

    Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

    Don Soulo you think so? Calvin Pryor never done anything with the Jets. I think Berry being with us gives us advantage against the Chiefs plus dude still a stud and a leader.

Legend__ 21 Reply

Yo wtf…we need to chill with all the damn scrimmages when were so close to September…preseason is good enough…now derwin is out got damn😐🤦🏾‍♂️

Armando Verdugo Reply

I was at the practice today and it broke my heart seeing derwin james just watching with a boot on his foot

    John Gaulden Reply

    Saints fan here,damn he hurt? I remember him balling in college

Influenz Reply

Can’t believe DJ got hurt! Not going to feel the same till I see him play again. The other safeties better step the hell up in a major way! It’s going to really be bad if Keenan doesn’t get back to 100%

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    Exactly bro 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Ryan Alaniz Reply

    We have depth but it definitely sucks to lose him

Javone Wall Reply

Who is number #82?

David Powell Reply

Offense is flying high they look great and on point. Oh didn’t notice no #13?! Oh man when we are at full strength AFC west better be on notice. And the defense?! SHUT DOWN!! Drew who?! Haha LETS GO!!!!

Phelix 818 Reply

Chargers, super bowl 🏟 champions 2020

thunderbolts 24 Reply

Pope lookin’ good out there 💪🤙

Chris Moreno Reply

We lost Derwin for a while, someone wrap Bosa up in bubble-wrap immediately!!!

    Frankie Y Reply

    Bosa, Kennan and every linebacker

Russell 21 Reply

We should get DJ back at the end of the season

azma775 Reply

I truly hope DJ comes back healthy and quick hes in my opinion the most important part of our defense 😪

C Bleezy Reply

H.I.P Derwin James!!! Heal in Peace ✌️. Thumbs up 👍 for support.

Bashar Al-Assad Reply

Derwin single handedly won us games like that Pittsburgh game. Somebody better step up❗️❗️❗️

Eddie The Dodge man Reply

Bolts look good. Teams injuries starting to mount. Hopefully Derwin will heal fast.

Mightyjey Mightyjey Reply

We need to look at Eric Berry! Until Derwin is back.

Ghxtto Gxspel Reply

Y’all want to be us so bad wit the celebration 🤦🏽‍♂️ #WHODAT ⚜️🖤

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