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Escocivo 30

The Lions manage to still be undefeated somehow.

    Jay Walker

    @Defensive Masterclass we’ll see how good the Lions are when they meet us soon

    CommandoWolf Pack

    Lol ,owlet gotta give props

    Jacob Taylor

    Watch the Lions go 4-0-1 in this brutal start lul. Honestly if they stop sucking, I think the team is at least talented enough to threaten the division rivals. What a deep division though this year.

    Jacob Taylor

    @Jay Walker Lions have 4 in a row over the Pack, it’s true Rodgers has been out lately but I don’t think the Pack are anointed as some litmus test just because they’ve scraped by the other divisional rivals.

    Jay Walker

    @Jacob Taylor bruh y’all won two games without Rodgers and we have had a better record than Detroit every year…We up 2-0 in the division you should know that’s a huge deal

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

True fans know this is a re-upload

    Rehqn X

    Ur a fan of the Lions or Chargers woah

    Ol' ocean crock pot

    He likes the bucs… look at his pic

    godAlex 505

    I know

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    Rehqn X – Of The NFL Lol

Conor Doyle

Somebody reuploaded this cus they couldn’t believe how bad the Chargers were in the first video

    Tyler Leach

    Conor Doyle you guys were good in the first half but very poor in the 2nd

    Viking Man News

    Conor Doyle yeah man especially in the second half.

    Alex Zahrai

    This game was like watching Arsenal crumble v Watford -__-


    oiii fellow gooner

Fingering Things

Despite their best efforts, the Lions are undefeated through 2 games. Suffering from success

    John Davis


Ay Jay

I hope the Lions never ever go into the fourth quarter with a lead

    Jay Walker

    @Qwertos don’t make excuses the Lions lucked up the chargers had at least 20points taken off the board lol

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 the jags didn’t win a Superbowl or championship before the Superbowl, but the lions have. And the jags have good players on a garbage team. Your points are incorrect and idiotic.

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 the jags never made the Superbowl you idiot

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 and correction that was 20 yrs ago

Boss Lion13

Chargers: You can have this game

Lions: Nah we’re good.

Chargers: No seriously, take this.

    Chargers Bolts

    sorry I meant jackson

    Caymen Telger

    This is just how the chargers have been since i was a kid😂 really saddens me every time but we still find a way to lose games we shouldnt. And im gonna have faith but i feel were gonna have to make playoffs by a wildcard again….

    Larry Sims

    @Aj Ku the damn refs stole our game.

    Jose Ortiz

    Boss Lion13 Accurate asf..


    Caymen Telger and to what end? Just to get drubbed by the Patriots again. But I know your pain. Same crap has been going on for decades.

Once You Go Asian You Never Miss The Equation -_-

Lions going undefeated don’t @ me. 8-0-8


    We would make the playoffs so I’m down with that record


    This was funny bruh 😂😂😂😂


    8-0-8s and heartbreaks

    Lightly Salted



    @CowsAndTurtles underrated comment

not Sauer

Lmao they had to remake this. That 4 minute highlight video was just disrespectful.

    not Sauer

    Duncan Darnell weren’t the Chargers projected to win the AFC this year?

    Chesscom Support

    @Paco A That comment would make more sense if the Chargers had won.

    Joshua Sellars

    @not Sauer ,looking forward to the Mexico city game with the Chiefs.

    Jonathan Koehler

    Remember their amazing come from behind win against Minnesota on Thanksgiving in 2016? That highlight video was like 3-4 minutes. Showed like 5 plays. Horrible. No respect for this team.

ryan wilczewski

Love how Stafford bounced back and threw that Game winning touchdown on Hayward after being intercepted by him earlier.


    And slay made the game winning pick covering Allen who was beating him all game

    ryan wilczewski

    @Hank3666able good redemption game


    He doesn’t let a bad pass affect him.

    Kristopher Christ

    Hank3666able if you pick on slay, Slay will Pick on you😂

Benjamin P

Both teams made so many mistakes lmao

    NIc K

    @Emmanuel Vazquez idk about that. The chargers are a better overall team

    David eric

    Lions have zero pass rush and cannot run block a lick.. Going to be 6-9-1

    Goatin Aroun

    Emmanuel Vazquez idk buddy. The chargers were the better team. If they’re kicker could do anything they would’ve won. And rivers is stupid for throwing that pass

    David eric

    @Goatin Aroun , Chargers would have won 7/10 times if they played that many

Michael Shan

Darius Slay got torched by Keenan Allen all game.

Still came up with the game winning INT.

Big Play Slay.

    pete b

    picking off a hail mary in the end zone when your team is up by three is not a game winning interception

    Jay Walker

    He better not get beat like he usually does by Adams because Rodgers won’t throw that int for sure

    David Tristan

    I mean keenan allen was out on the play darius slay picked off philip rivers

Once You Go Asian You Never Miss The Equation -_-

Ford field seems to be a weakness for kickers

    Thomas Miller

    @Ameer Zarzis Prater hit a 64 yard one in week 3 of the preseason i believe. Although I think Tucker is the only kicker with a chance to break Praters record of longest kick, he nice.

    Gary R

    @FREEDOMFIGHTER47 – seam? LOL.

    Daniel Rathburn

    @Karam Hijazi eddie pinero is a god

    Mark Stapels

    That Mason Crosby fiasco last year when he missed 3 fg and an extra point lol

Blue Skeptic

Nobody shoots themselves in the foot better than the Chargers.


    Except Detroit

    SD Fishin

    @Owen Scarsdale exactly. Tranquil hasn’t played 1 down this season yet, while 36 year old Thomas davis has played every snap. Davis isn’t horrible but he really hasn’t made any impact on this defense.
    They should play adderley and tranquil more especially now with all these injuries stacking up

    David eric

    Chargers were the better team and gifted wrapped the win

    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6

    @Blue Skeptic I would say the Atlanta Falcons shoot themselves in the foot worse than the Detroit Lions

    Uncle Quan

    Blue Skeptic Ever heard of the Panthers 🤔

M H.G.

Yeah good thing you reposted this lol. First video was whack.

Lions are messy, but idk why people are ñauhjing about losing to them? They’ve consistently beat good teams the last three seasons. Kind of a paradox.

Idk what’s with the hate for the lions. I feel bad for their fans. Browns get a roster and people talk Superbowl.

Stafford throws 4000 for 8 seasons straight, has 3900 or something and everyone says he’s overrated lol.


    Thomas Block

    @Pipe Down That’s just stupid. Stafford throws into tighter windows than just about anybody. Maybe Rodgers more so, but hardly anyone else. If they develop more of a running game that should help free up the routes. And maybe lead to some routs.

    David Tristan

    Mat stafford is NOT OVERRATED

    first/m /last

    @darrell c they did last yr not the yr before.

    first/m /last

    @Thomas Block well they’re not able to run it So far. Except for ty.

    Thomas Block

    @first/m /last There are signs, though. (that might be delusional, we will have to see)

Mario Rodriguez

Lions: We’ll take the L this week

Chargers: **missed 2 field goals, 1 fumble and a interception**

Lions: Okay nevermind you keep it

    deadly steele

    U a hater all thats part of the game!!

    Mario Rodriguez

    Why do all of you think I’m upset I’m just trying to make a funny on the internet XD

    deadly steele

    @Mario Rodriguez itz all good

    David eric

    Chargers gave the Lions one and saved their season, too. Lions have a tough 4 more games

    deadly steele

    @David eric chargers lost let that be the reason mathew stafford str8 up beast mode


Best call this season at 7:18 This announcer is amazing!


    Kevin Harlan

    Tyler Leach

    He’s the guy in 2k I think


Dude the chargers ran the same screen play twice and get flagged twice WTFFF

    Bee Lor

    @Salvatore Perez since when did detroit lions have money? I think you’re mistaken by the pats paying the refs.

    DJ Whitlock

    It was the right call both times 😂😂

    Elephant In The Room

    EPICxPWNAG3 imagine being a niner fan where 6/6 screenplays we run get us +20 yards only to have them all called back for flags. smh

    Alex Cuevas

    That was bs

    Xavier Pasillas

    the lions lose way too often to have any type of “serious money”


As a wise man once said

    Marcos Paderes

    georgepatton93 hehehe I live down the street from him nephew*(I think) Alex G. Spanos who recently passed away actually

    Lightly Salted

    Aye urinatingtree type beat

Seyed Hesam Jafari

Super good commentary with fantastic old style intonation…..Does anyone know his name? .Special thanks to our boys back in Detroit for not finding a new and unprecedented way to lose another NFL game. Respect to the Lions from the Bay Area. Actually, there are many fans originally from Detroit and Michigan working for the silicon valley tech companies but still rooting for the Lions instead of 49ers 🙂 including myself.


    Seyed Hesam Jafari it would be Kevin Harlan. He does NBA too, one of the best in the game


    @Dogè thax for ℹ, I thought that was him

    Kal Eazy03

    good ol kevin harlon

Jacob Taylor

As a die-hard Lions fan, I would just like to thank the city of Los Angeles, the fans of the Chargers, and the entire Chargers’ organization, for imitating the Detroit Lions so well that they actually managed to lose to them. Truly an impressive parody performance, and I wish you the best the rest of the season as long as they go back to assuming their usual roles.

    Benjamin Beck

    I’m dead🤣🤣🤣

    trevor matousek

    Way too underrated lol

    Aaron Day

    If they can’t win a SB with LT, Shawn Merrimam, Shaun Phillips and Gates in his prime than there’s no way in you’ll ever win. Chargers are overhype every year!

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