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Anthony Faiola 9

The NASCAR logo guy:


    I’m tired of that guy


    I swear that guy is a bot. Always replies the same comment to itself.

    An angry Jets Fan

    Anthony Faiola 9 lmao he’s everywhere

    Jeremy May

    An angry Jets Fan who the heck is he the next Justin y because why does he keep replying to him self that’s odd

    Jeremy May

    Nfl preseason week 4 . 49ers vs chargers nfl . Preseason week 4 . 49ers vs chargers nfl preseason week 4 . 49ers vs chargers. Nfl preseason week 4 . 49ers vs chargers. Lmafo


Adderley is gonna be sick, even without Derwin to be there for him. #BoltUp


    Joseph Wells not even that ya stud

    greg ross

    Adderly nearly had 2 picks in his first chance to show out. I’m stoked for this season. Pickett was all over the place & drew tranquill has a great motor. Pope and Gore both beasted. I’m also super happy for cardale.

    Eric Torres

    @Joseph Wells lol who cares and INT is an INT

    Don Soulo

    @Joseph Wells salty San fransiscan


Love that CJ’s block! We have the best QB trio in a league! Next week we start executing in a regular season! Supporting Niners in Finland (have to wake up pretty early for games but it’ll be worth it!)

    Christopher Dillman

    Glad to hear from a Finnish 9er fan.

    A little intel… our HC’s pride is perversely clouding his judgment to keep CJ on the roster. The pride of trading up to the 3rd round to get a FA-level quarterback… at best. 

    Because of this pride, Niners will have to sacrifice solid players like Jeff Wilson Jr, who will, I predict, get cut… land in Dallas… and make Jerrah forget about Zeke for a little while longer.

    orlando henderson

    Same result

    orlando henderson

    @Ryan Edwards also playing with same guys who aren’t too good

    Elias Ensterä

    Yo another 49ers fan in Finland wya

    Prophet Guru

    lol. 70% of these players will be sitting near their phones until Wednesday waiting for teams to pick them off waivers. And next week Friday, they will be sending their resumes to Walmart and McDonalds.
    harharharhar. I`m looking at you Cardalle Jones, Terrelle Pryor, Luke Wilson, Pharaoh Cooper… #WelcomeToTheRealWorld


Speight is so bad lol

    Daniel R.

    Let’s wish him luck in his future endeavours 👋

    Jack Trippin777

    @Josh Millarich smh well they had to pay someone…wrong guy

    Mr. Lightskin

    Fr bro, he can’t read defense and his throwing accuracy is terrible.


Close game wish 49ers could have won but hey can’t win them all!
We still got Season so let’s go!!

    Sergio Rocha

    its a preaseason game -_-

    BB Clover 2010

    Codekiller332 I know you aren’t taking the preseason to heart. regular season we would crush yall

    Adrian Ramirez

    @Codekiller332 gg

    Prophet Guru

    lol. 70% of these players will be sitting near their phones until Wednesday waiting for teams to pick them off waivers. And next week Friday, they will be sending their resumes to Walmart and McDonalds.
    harharharhar. I`m looking at you Cardalle Jones, Terrelle Pryor, Luke Wilson, Pharaoh Cooper… #WelcomeToTheRealWorld

    Tahji Smith

    @OG LOC 9er Hater. You must be a cowgirl fan…lol GO 9ERS WOOPX2

Mateo Raymond

I’m ready for football… DA BEARS!

Bryan Maldonado

Oh my Lord… I thought he died. 4:53

Brian Barnes

Solid game looking forward to a great season. Go Niners!

Captain Bear

NASCAR logo guy should be a meme amongst this community.

Raymond Arteaga

49ers tackling coach needs to be fired. Good lord they can’t tackle to save their lives let alone to prevent a first down🤦🏽‍♂️

    Fier The Great

    I coached A Lot of football and I hate bad tackling… and the fact is that despite being rated high in tackling, I seen A LOT of high chest up tackling all preseason smh by starters and 2nd string too at that!!! Those tackles will be a downfall in regular season if not corrected!!! And is still hate seeing the 49ers in the 4-3 😫😫😫😫


    49 likes HAHAHA

    Mr. Lightskin

    They’re all rookies and 3rd stringers…of courses they don’t know how to tackle.

    Lajlim H

    If they don’t improve their tackle issues they will have not win more games, this including the starters. Seen these problem the last 2 years.


    Raymond Arteaga these are 3rd and 4th stringers fighting for a PS roster spot. Their tackling won’t be as prime as the 1st and 2nd stringers (which did a great job from weeks 1-3).

D Leon Stenson

Jeff Wilson Jr #41 has shown more than enough to earn 53 roster spot! Jett knee is flared up and tired of waiting for players to finally get healthy! 49ers better be smart and keep #41 in that back field!

    A. Jo’Nae

    D Leon Stenson ❤️


    D Leon Stenson I doubt we keep 4 RB’s he most likely will be a practise squad player

    Fixer Upper

    Wilsons cut back TD run was nice.

    John Haynes

    If they cut him he will be gone hopefully they are smart

    KeepCalmN TokeOn

    with McKinnon set to go on IR (possibly season ending IR)…it is very possible if not probable… depth at RB this year is a great problem to have.

tyler weston

That was the most legendary play I have ever seen the quarterback at 2:40 block for the running back hard not just a little push off no a full on block love it

    Adrian Ramirez


    Adrian Ramirez


    Adrian Ramirez


Cruizee 87

When Derwin Returns watch out NFL for the whole Chargers secondary. Nas was the player i looked forward to the most this draft😈⚡️‼️💧


chargers got like 4-5 quality runningbacks, i see alot doing something .

Matt Urias

J Wilson better make the 53 because if he goes to the PS he’s as good as gone.


    I think they signed McKinnon to a 3 year deal. Last year was lost so that’s 1. He will probably miss this year as well. Even if he plays week,6,7,8 he seems prone to another season ending injury. Next year is the 3rd where he will probably ball out for a really fat payday only to get hurt early year 4 and ride the bench another year. His ROI seems too high when we have some really good RB’s to utilize, Breida, Mostert, Coleman, Wilson. McKinnon is talented but if u can’t stay on the field you’re wasting a spot for a RB that can contribute. I’d cut my losses and cut McKinnon if this current injury is more than 2-3 weeks to get him back on the field and I’d still be nervous he’d go down on any play.

    Fier The Great

    Matt Urias I agree!! But we RB heavy this year since Brieda had that great year wit McKinnon injury but he should be able to take Alfred Morris spot but he a power RB so idk!!!! I think 49ers gon shock the world this year!!!

    Mr. Lightskin

    He’ll make it

Allie Gogo

Speight really wanted to give Adderley that interception

construct apex

oh damn bro i thought that fog horn was real 8:41


    construct apex he had us all fooled😂

Psychopunk XXX

Man these Charger RB looking good this year

X- raided559

CJ has heart 2 block lets get it 49ERS FAITHFUL

matthew foster

Pay attention Melvin. Rushers looked good. You have a new offer of $10 million and you’re turning it down. Keep on. You’ll regret it.

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