Chargers Top Plays of 2019 Preseason – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Twisted Aimm Reply

Pope definitely has a roster spot.

Stupeflyer Reply

Pope is dope!!!!

Ryan Duffy Reply

I love the new badgley outro card… He’s one of my favorite chargers!

Kevin Harris Reply

Artavis Scott and Pope need roster spots.

    jordan Reply

    Pope made the 53 man roster but not sure why Artavis didn’t.

    Kevin Harris Reply

    @jordan Yeah they put Artavis on the practice squad. Probably had to do with Inman coming back. They were pretty loaded at WR.

Legend__ 21 Reply

One more week fellas! #BoltUp ⚡🏆💯

G Gutierrez Reply

Artavis Scott looking solid.

Legend__ 21 Reply

4:40 ahhh never gets old😂👊🏾⚡

Adam Rahimy Reply

I want Stick to make the roster but I feel like Cardale Jones outplayed him in that last game

    RighteousCaliKid420 Reply

    Yup i think cardale is slightly better and hungrier

    Sway Dizzy Reply

    RighteousCaliKid420 yea but stick def has a higher ceiling I think cardale is at his best rn plus he has 2 years to learn behind Phil and improve while tyrod holds the #2 spot

    Johnny Hang Reply

    Cordale weak.

RighteousCaliKid420 Reply

Everyone talking bout sticks…He’s talented no doubt about it but , C.Jones is too but he seems more hungry about it and he he seems a little bit better than sticks if you ask me

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    Sticks doesn’t have a tight spiral

    Ayeeddiee Gaming Reply

    RighteousCaliKid420 it’s easy to say this especially when you’re running with the 2’s instead of the 3’s lol you can clearly see cardale was getting better blocks and more time in the pocket than stick. Swap them around and I’m more than positive you would’ve worded this completely different.

David Abeyta Reply

Scott is a Hella of a Receiver. I would like to see some plays run for Taylor at QB. He still has some Wheels.

WRECKER21 _ Reply

Adderley tho🙌

QuantumT Reply

Troymaine pope👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Cavan Cox Reply

Can we keep Andre Patton 😩😩

SquadAF Reply

Artavis scott is nasty and a great great slot receiver for us

YourBoyNT Reply

12 Gauge > Stick ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Stankyg55 Reply

Onto the regular season now


Welcome Back Home Dontrelle Inman #16 #BOLTUP👏⚡👏⚡👏⚡ LETS GO GET

Juan Rincon Reply

Going To Be A Good Season 💯 Have Faith LAC⚡️

The Three Burritos Reply

Let’s win the Super Bowl baby!!!!!

John Bauer Reply

Still rather M Gordon there A Ekler J Jackson etc Ok in back up roles so far but not proven bell cows !!!

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