Chargers Top 10 Plays from the 2020 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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rvega94 Reply

So sad the seasons over. It went by so fast. 2021 we’re going to the playoffs mark my words

    bill Mena Reply

    Believe it too

    Matthew Wu Reply

    I really hope we do, but if there’s one thing this team has taught me, it’s don’t get your hopes up, so I already have few if any expectations for next year

    Robert Winston Reply

    Hell yeah

5 HEADZ Reply

Can’t wait for next year ⚡️⚡️⚡️ just hope the injury bug doesn’t hit us like it has been recently 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Mary Jane Thompson Reply

    I can’t either. I believe the NFL is going to be all about the bolts, all about the BOLTS.

    ceelos 21 Reply


VictionaryHD Reply

i could cry watching these

    Look at curry man Reply


    Taison Kilgore Reply


    Pain ? Reply


    Adrian Carrera Reply

    VIC 🐐🐐🐐

ants universe Reply

If we have derwin James we are guaranteed to win 3 More games he creates big plays blocks picks and makes that tackle that others miss

    NipTheBarber Reply

    Derwin is definitely a game changer

Andrews Charles Bloy Reply

Bring in Eric “Sleeping With” Beinemy and we can at least Wildcard

    Ernesto Gastelum Reply

    nah hes not that good, most of the offense success is due to Andy Reid

Jack Baxton Reply

Hire Brian Daboll!

steezbird Reply

How isn’t Herbert’s on-the-run TD throw against New Orleans on here?

    jonathan garcia Reply


    Tomas Rodrigo Salmon Reply

    Easy to miss a play with soo many golden highlights in one season.⚡

vYpLED Reply


Alejandro Balmaceda Reply

The fact that Cole Beasley made 2nd team All-Pro and Keenan Allen didnt get a single vote is straight disrespect

    Taison Kilgore Reply

    Keenan was better in every stat in less games

jonathan garcia Reply

Herbert’s 2 throws to Allen, one on the run to the edge against the saints and the lazer against the dolphins ??????

RobertWas Here Reply

The potential of a healthy defense is INCREDIBLE! #BoltUp

Agon27 BOLTGANG Reply

Dam what a season with herbo

Apex _ Prowler Reply

“I was in!” – JH10

Tom Hanson Reply

Future looks bright.

the truth Reply

Get this young man some good coaches and rebuild the o-line and chargers will be a superbowl contender in 21

Iisa Cruz Reply

Herbie is ELECTRIC! Go BOLTS!!

Moses Billings Reply

Mike William GOAT 🐐

Kneelisun Reply

How r u not gonna include the part where Herbert yells “I WAS IN”

Scott Childs Reply

I forgot we played the bengals. Week 1 was a thing lmaooooo

    clownin dan Reply

    Tyrod threw a hospital ball to williams. Great catch but tyrod was gonna get his recievers knocked out

Brandon Mona Reply

One of the most exciting teams in the league and we missed the playoffs SMH

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