Chargers Surprise Make a Wish Child – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Chris Senor Reply

That’s why the chargers are the best team on the earth ! Can’t wait to see Henry’s face when we go all the way

    Simon Seang Reply

    Chris Senor is that so?

    IYBO Reply

    Simon Seang yeah is that so

    Kirk Moore Reply

    Snowflake dream! It’ll melt by January….

    . Reply

    @Kirk Moore thanks for your input! very cool.

    Adrian Stiles Reply

    Absolutely agree brother dont listen to anyone they always underestimate the bolts well do it for Henry

Matthew Recendez Reply

It’s so beautiful To Know that are Chargers have a heart of gold shout out to all charger fans we family charge on⚡👊🏻

    Tee M Reply

    Damn right we family …bolt up

    Jeremiah Geiger Reply

    We all one Charger family!! lets go win that Super Bowl!!!

    Nick Sanzana Reply

    Bolt up brother

    Tee M Reply

    @Nick Sanzana may they Bury me in a Philip rivers jersey ….LT cleats ..junior seau helmet …damn I love our chargers ..

Stua Ioane Reply

Bolts up ⚡

CrAzY CoRtEz Reply

I LOVE MY BOLTS, you guys are amazing and I loved that we have fans like HENRY, I was getting all pumped up. LOVE YOU HENRY/LOVE YOU BOLTS

RighteousCaliKid420 Reply

LETTTSS FUCKKING GOOOOO!!!!👊👊👊I love my team🙏 LETS get this ring this year

Lisa Flah Reply

This is why this ex San Diegan now living in east Tennessee who has rooted for the Chargers since I was 7 yrs old, I am now 65 and will continue to root for them all the way from east Tennessee. GO CHARGERS, I now have to wipe the tears from my eyes!

    Sir Valdivia Reply

    Lisa Flah we all did

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    You’ve been waiting a long time for a superbowl win haha… Hopefully we’ll get one this year

    MrBolts4life Reply

    Tee M Well said!! We’ve all definitely moved throughout our lives, but one thing that will never change is my love for the Bolts. Fan since 1973⚡️⚡️⚡️👊🏿👍🏿

    Theodore Duenez Reply

    Born and raised in san diego.I moved to Michigan 3 years ago and im a road game warrior .Supporing them where ever they travel !! As long as the chargers exist ill be going and supporting.

    Fellow Boov Reply

    As a longtime eagles fan even I know the bolts will get theirs one day”

Greg Scadden Reply

Thats seriously heartwarming, what an awesome thing for them to do. Love the bolts

Average Baller05 Reply

I love seeing this knowing that the chargers care and that they will take time to have some fun with kids

Bennett Myers Reply

my heart ❤️

AWM Reply

Imagine if his wish was for Gordon to sign his contract and play week one lol



Avruz Reply

His smile says everything!!

SlabOnMyDab710 YT Reply

God bless that kid and his family ⚡💪

bears Reply

They all stink lol yes lil man goo chargers



22 Veterans A Day Reply

Lil man is going to have a great 2019-20 season!

Michael Muriello Reply

Very, very cool! I’m wishing you all the best, Henry. GO BOLTS!

Keven Ramos Reply

Love this ! Shoutout to our organization and players on making this happen 🙏❤️ #boltfamily

Card Discoveries Reply

Blessings for Henry ❤ #BoltGangorDontBang

Rknee Gordon Reply

Get that kid a Lombardi Trophy ⚡️

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