Chargers Scout and Prepare for Bill Belichick’s Patriots, “They’re gonna challenge you” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Justin Staley Reply

anthony lynn is still not fired

    Tyler Arnold Reply

    It’s ridiculous

Anthony Pano Reply

Why isn’t Anthony Lynn fired yet

    majuub003 Reply

    Because Gus would be interim and that’s worse

    Christopher Orman Reply

    @majuub003 it would be Pep Hamilton. I think keeping Lynn now means a higher draft pick and ensures Pep keeps developing Herbert.

    Bzhzj Bzhzj Reply

    Because the Chargers , to give a serious actual answer , never fire people ” in season ” unless Lynn’s getting rid of people he’s ” scape goating for the teams problems !! ( wiz , rivers etc )

    Adam Akemon Reply

    Bzhzj Bzhzj that’s true at least he isn’t blaming players like arians

    Christopher Orman Reply

    @Adam Akemon actually, Lynn regularly criticizes his players. I mean, come on, Lynn is the coach that in being asked about Herbert’s performance against KC, “he is a back-up for a reason.” He constantly criticizes players.

Daniel Adams Reply

We can win this game. I got a feeling Bosa is going to be fired up like he was in Buffalo

    Kris Paul Reply

    Um, we can “win” lots of games my dude, but that’s not our issue as a team rn #FIRELYNN

Legend__ 21 Reply

We need to swap head coaches with the patriots… #FireLynn #FireGus

    Beastboy’s Highlights Reply

    Yes I agree we should fire Lyn snd wish they can come back to SD but fans won’t want the team back unless spanos is gone. All I’m going to say is that I’m sad we have so many great players both we can’t use them with Lyn and I want them to win a super bowl.

    Max Arreola Reply

    @Beastboy’s Highlights totally agree it feels weird living in sd and going for a team that’s in los angles ya know what I mean

    Max Arreola Reply

    @Legend__ 21 thanks brother! Means a lot

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Beastboy’s Highlights big facts bro

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Max Arreola no problem my brotha🤝🏾💯

Kiryu Reply

I cringe when every time he says run.

Alex Rojas Reply

For a second I thought Belichick was on the team 😟🤣

    Nba4josh Reply

    Same we can only hope

Eduardo García Reply

We got this!! #BoltUp #FireLynn

XxSlientXx Reply

Justin herbert gonna be throwing SOME BOMBS During the Patriots game I know it!!

    Tunami Reply

    He’s showing off to his future coach

    Arlyn Reply

    @Tunami i hope so

    Kris Paul Reply

    Till Lynn starts running the ball again :/

Eeds Ssxv Reply

Bolts, please fire Anthony Lynn! He is not the ideal coach for our team!

Daegan Patterson Reply

Idc if we lose out just fire Lynn he showed he is worse than most 15yr old madden players

A- DUB Reply

I’m convinced we’re just taking the jets approach ride this awful Coach out for a better Draft pick

Manny Mota Reply

Belicheck is going to give Lynn a coaching lesson

    You’re Right Reply

    …on cheating.

Immortal King Reply

Send Lynn back to the bills. They need a HB coach and we need a new coach. Win/win situation

Robert S550stang Reply

Since Belichick is in LA just have him stay and give Lynn a one way ticket elsewhere…. jmo

    Christian arce Reply

    Spanos needs to wine and dine him

Alvin Vang Reply

I read the title too fast, and I thought we were preparing for Bill Belichick to become our HC… A man can dream

    5 Star General Reply

    Lynn knows it’s over……..

    SoleBuilt20 Reply


    John Kassar Reply

    Fire lynn

Tallon Jones Reply

All I want for Christmas is a new head coach, a new head coach.

    John Kassar Reply

    Great wish

Arca Jeth Reply

Hopefully belichick is scouting his future team and qb.

Frank Clyne Reply

Keenan vs Gilmore finna be a crazy matchup

    You’re Right Reply

    Keenan will come out on top

    Frank Clyne Reply

    @You’re Right you’re right

Antwuan Tate Reply

We gotta prepare for the unexpected. Let’s go Chargers ⚡🏈⚡

    You’re Right Reply

    Watch out for cameras!

Obediah P Reply

I can’t stand to even look at Anthony Lynn

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