Chargers Prepare for Bye Week, “I know we got a special team” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jack Baxton Reply

Herbert for ROY

    Teezy Blue Reply


    Meghraj - Bolt Gang Member From India #BoltUp Reply

    Hell yeah 💪💪💪

    Adam Akemon Reply

    3x better than burrow

Anthony Archdeacon Reply

I absolutely love the Chargers and I’ve been a fan all my life. I can’t express how much I want us to be good and get our stuff together. #boltup

    michael dailey Reply

    Anthony Archdeacon Good call Anthony , I’m with ya brother !!!⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Adam Akemon Reply

    The talent is there, we just need to finish

RATT Roll Reply

Go Bolts!! I still with you always!!!!

michael dailey Reply

I can’t and won’t give up on this team , there’s a chemistry here that will mesh soon !!! The wins will come Charger fans !! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Yoni Garcia Reply

    Agree my brother! Chargers for life! ⚡️⚡️ keep the faith bolts good things are coming our way

    Fernando Meza Reply

    We get too many injuries literally every year and the close games we could win we don’t because the lack of the handicap. I wish we would figure this out. On paper I would put our talent against anyone…somethings off the culture the management its just hard but im a charger fan for life watch every week and will until im gone but it is hard were gonna lose alot we should win and win some we should’ve lost gonna be frustrating buckle in.

    DVC SD Reply

    Yessir!!! The wins will come! ⚡⚡⚡

    ceelos 21 Reply

    I know I know

    Autry H Williams Reply

    @Fernando Meza I feel you dog but we gotta stay optimistic! Nothing is impossible! And if not next year gotta be OUR YEAR!⚡️⚡️⚡️

Legend__ 21 Reply

Let’s use this bye week to call up some offensive linemen who are free agents!!!…we CANNOT thrive with this terrible o line…rivers sadly had to deal with it, let’s not make the same mistake for our new franchise QB…he deserves better, this team deserves better, and us loyal fans deserve better. Let’s get this win streak going!!! #BoltUp🙏🏾💙⚡

    Melscreation Reply

    Wasn’t earl Thomas released from ravens we can pick him up

    thunderbolts 24 Reply

    Bro… gotta stop this insanity right now…. i’ve been saying this for years now… they keep using band aids on this OL and they did get 1 guy out of the last few years in Mike Pouncey but everyone else has been a disappointment or injuries… They gotta figure out how to steal a pro bowler from some other team and continue to draft linemen in the draft until they choke… lol.

    Magz Reply

    @Jacob Cronk we can’t move lamp to tackle he just got good a being a gusrd

    Jacob Cronk Reply

    @Magz problem is theres no free agent tackles and warford is a higher profile guard so hes gonna get the position he wants

    Manufactured Consent Reply


Caleb Young Reply

I wanted a gimme win against the jets, but i guess the bye week will help get injuries recovered

    Skillz beastboy Reply

    And give us more time at film study

Justin Randall Reply

The weight of responsibility totally lies on this coaching crew and most of all Lynn himself has not shown me anything proving his worth, adding absolutely no value to the talent and opportunities we seem to routinely find ourselves graced with just to watch him piss them away by 7 points or less every single time. We haven’t had a good solid coaching staff since Marty was fired at the end of his 12-4 postseason year. Since then our team has been simply haunted by less than average coaches that are simply handed their jobs because they assume the position for spanos every chance possible. How about we get a coach who actually knows how to command a talented organization and can bring in a lot more dicipline than we have had for the last 10 years or so now

    Justin Randall Reply

    This was a reply I left on another comment but I felt that it was front page worthy lol

    Autry H Williams Reply

    I can agree a coach like urban Mayer would be picture perfect or rileys offensive genius but we haven’t had a scheme sound coach in ages

Q Jefferson Reply

Somehow we blow a lead resting this bye week…jk lets bounce back

Cocolo_TV Reply

The chargers are going to run the table and win the afc west.

    smokindragn1 Reply

    they need to go 9-2 to get a sniff of the playoffs

    Jam J.H Reply

    If they win the rest of their games maybe

    Skillz beastboy Reply

    Don’t jynx it please dont

Moses Moua Reply

Hire Jim Harbaugh promote Pep Hamilton to OC if he isn’t pursued by others team as an HC simple. Not sure why people feel like we need to retain Lynn he legit hasn’t done anything better than McCoy nor Norv Turner.

    Moses Moua Reply

    @Isaac Negrete Lynn is going to help wins some games against bums team to be up .500 to secured his job at best won’t make the playoffs. If that’s what you like you should check out Norv Turner resume his records is still better than McCoy and Lynn I will come back to this comment within the weeks if you guys still grateful for Lynn. Herbert is the only reason we are in these games with Pep Hamilton get real

    Moses Moua Reply

    @Marcus Jones but if Lynn fails this season he’s just as bad as McCoy lol. You need to think about the fact McCoy had to deal with AJ Smith bad capspace of Robert Meachem signing any many others. The reason I dislike Lynn cause his roster was way better than McCoy. All we had was Floyd, rookie wr Vincent Brown, wr D Alexander, Tutu, Rb was Ryan Matthews ,Branden Oliver, Danny woodhead, our db was Gilchrist, Wright and Weedle, our lb was freakin Manti Te’O any many players aren’t even here. This team of Lynn has probowl caliber player everywhere and injury happened years before even during McCoy era.

    Moses Moua Reply

    @Marcus Jones look Lynn a good dude but he’s a bad HC. I watch us degress from the Marty era from 14-2. If Lynn fails to make the playoff his record isn’t any better than McCoy or Turner I even gave Lynn a pass last season for going 0-6 against division opponents and thought maybe it was just a bad season. But starting 1-4 isn’t helping and how they lost those games also.

    Marcus Jones Reply

    @Moses Moua Last season’s record was due to Rivers throwing 20 interceptions and o-line injuries. This year, majority of our starters that play huge roles on our offense and defense are injured including Derwin James, which our defensive scheme is determined by where we place him. Like I said I could care less about McCoy and glad he’s gone, 2 9-7 seasons with horrible records after. Lynn started off 9-7 as well but improved greatly after with a 12-4 record and knocking a Lamar Jackson-led Ravens out of the playoffs so no he wouldn’t be as bad as Mike was if we had a bad season this year but we both know what happened the season after and I mentioned the reasoning for the for the 5-11 record. I’m not saying Lynn is a great HC or anything but he’s the best coach we’ve had since Marty, I’m fully aware of the mistakes he made but these losses are not only on him but also on the rest of coaching staff Shane, Gus, Lott, etc and also on some players.

    Moses Moua Reply

    @Marcus Jones same I agree with a lot of what you are saying. We just have to see how this season plays out. But all I’m trying to say McCoy had 4 seasons, Turner had 5 seasons but Turner sustain a better records and 4 seasons seems appropriate and fair to Lynn. Bill O Brien had 7 seasons 5 were playoffs only 2 bad ones. Lynn is 1 for 3 and depending how this season goes just can’t justified Lynn on a fifth year if he misses the playoffs this season like at this rate we just holding onto another Jason Garret.

Frankie Y Reply

Bro people just don’t understand we literally have starters on ANY nfl team injured. People can talk whatever crap they want but all these dudes just need one yr healthy together and i truly believe it’s a top 3 Lombardi contender

Lil Dyl Reply

Hey LYNN gotta keep the foot on the pedal in the 2nd half and play to blow the other team out not just play to hold the lead , I’ve played enough madden to know this !!!

Victor Lopez Reply

Chargers have a very talented team but they might need a better coach i don’t see Lynn doing anything good for the team

Stankyg55 Reply

Chargers fan until I die I’m never gonna abandon this team no matter how tough it is

    Eyeballz205 Reply

    It’s so hard but I’ve been a charger fan for the 14 years of my life. I get my day ruined when they choke

Naibz Onscene Reply

Chargers for life… Finally got my quarter back.. easton stick should be a flanker that can throw or run or wide out.. easton can help with fake kicks an field goals.. gotta get crafty coach.. let herbs loose..

Phillip Perez Reply

If Justin really did grow up as a charger fan like they said he did…not going off of one photo where he happens to be wearing a chargers shirt…but he will feel the pain the suffering the emotional roller coaster us fans have been feeling for years and he will stop at nothing to get this team his their first superbowl! #BoltUp #BoltGangOrDontBang #Chargers

    Adam Akemon Reply

    Just wait, by year two he’s gonna be top 7 qb in the league

hitindahead Reply

Somehow we will end up blowing this bye week at the last minute.

Noah Drontle Reply

They need to unleash Herbert!! He should not be a conservative player he should be an aggressive quarterback that throws the ball at least 30 times a game!!!

    Adam Akemon Reply

    Facts 72% completion percentage!

Noah Drontle Reply

They are turning Herbert into a conservative player!! He should be a Patrick Mahomes type player!!!

Charles Brown Reply

I wish Herbert could say the coaching staff is a joke . The defense is sub par this year compared to last year . I have no running game to bring the defense in so they play deep zone on me so i can’t throw 400 plus yards and drop 5 tds a game on the opponent . My O line on the right side has so many holes every down i’m hurried , grabbed or sacked on almost every down . My kicker lost a game for me , And through all this i still put up almost 1200 yds passing with 9tds . Herbert you will be one of the best ever if you stat healthy and Spanos pays big bucks for a pro style offensive coach ala Andy Reid .

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