Chargers GM Tom Telesco NFL Draft Day One Press Conference, “Slater’s a perfect fit for us” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
StarSpangled GT

Love the pick!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Andre Ecija

Me too I love the pick

Hayden Gobel



Great pick… that felt on TT’s lap in the first round by luck, as usual. Day 2 and 3 are the days that Tom “The Bum” Telesco fails miserably when he actually needs to make the picks without the luck factor. I just love when he goes out of his way to praise his team, a team that has been recommending busts and underachievers for years.


    @Sam.cbhs 2 bad picks? Are you serious? Bosa and Herbert landed on his lap, he did nothing to get them. Anyone did the same playing Madden. James? That dude that felt in the draft because of his injury story that Telesco ignored but not the 16 GMs before him? That James dude on permanent injury vacation? Are you TT’s cousin? Do you think the draft is just the first round? How do you think a team gains deep and makes a roster? There’s no second-round player drafted by Telesco, that is not on his rookie contract, with the team. What does that tell you? There’s no first-round player, other than Bosa, that is not on his rookie contract, with the team. What about the third round? These are the jewels that TT drafted in the third round: Allen (injury-prone player. He finally developed, but he was a gamble), Chris Watt, Craig Mager, Max Tuerk, Dan Feeney, Justin Jones, Trey Pipkins. Yeah, Telesco is a real genius. Oh, let’s do that with the second round: Manti Te’o, Jeremiah Attaochu, Denzel Perryman (Injury-prone), Hunter Henry (injury-prone), Forrest Lamp (injury-prone), Uchenna Nwosu, Nasir Adderley… Look at all these pro-bowlers and solid starters TT drafted! You’re really delusional if you think Telesco is anything else than a bum.


    @Sam.cbhs What is our record? A few good players DO NOT make a team. Several of those players had an injury story in college. If you draft them you’re gambling. They can keep getting hurt or maybe not. The risk/reward factor must be considered and many GMs will not go that way, only the ones that appeal to luck pull the trigger. That’s Telesco.

    “We draft better than most teams”? All right, you’re a child and a homer. Is not worth my time to keep trying to make you see the light. You’re just excuses and opinions, but the facts… those are an alternative reality for you. We’re Chargers fans, nevertheless, so bolt up!


Slater has a better 3 cone time, 40 yard time and benched more than Penei


    rashawn is older; Penei hasn’t developed his “man” body yet. slater’s 33 reps though >>>>


    Many liked him better than Sewell.
    Go Boltz

    Aaron Adams

    33 reps on bench is wild . Solid static strength

Julian Lopez

In Telesco, we trust

H H4

Now you need secondary help pass rush help and a running back that can take a pounding….Bolt up

    Riley Ladiero

    Still need depth at oline

    Loneranger100 Prince

    @Riley Ladiero ,they just signed 3 free agents on the line

    Riley Ladiero

    @Loneranger100 Prince they are all starters we need depth bulaga has been hurt threw out most of his career and the chargers always have injuries on the o line

Teylor Made

I never thought we’d get a franchise tackle 🤣

    Christopher Orman

    They didn’t. But they picked someone who will be a great guard.

Original One

Great pick great situation now
Let’s Go Los Angeles Chargers
Da Da Da Da Da Charge!!!!!! ⚡️🐴 🏈

Original One

Rest of Draft “if no trades”
maybe something like this?
CB—A.Samuel…2nd rd…
S—R.Grant…3rd rd…
OG—A.Banks…3rd rd…
Edge—C.Sample…4th rd…
WR—A.Schwartz…5th rd…
CB—T.Graham Jr…6th rd…
TE—M.Foristall…6th rd…
CB—C.Bynum…7th rd…

    michael dailey

    The dream board for sure brother !!!!

Owen Cannon

Sure sounds like they were planning on drafting him the whole time



michael dailey

The best GM in the league , I hope this time next year I can add ” and the best HC ” !!!

Michael Barrera

After hearing some reviews about Slater I never thought an OL pick can be an exciting pick. I’m excited!!

michael dailey

Shocked we got him without trading up !!!!!!

Loneranger100 Prince

Cant wait to see chargers this season wow ! Loading up.

Dorian Preister

Can’t believe we never did this for Philip.. oh well I guess better now than never

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