Chargers D-Line vs. Steelers O-Line Week 6 Game Preview: What to Watch for in the Trenches – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Chargersultra Reply

I’m a Fan from Germany

    Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов Reply

    Respect man!


Chargers need too win!!!!

    Kirk Moore Reply


James Medina Reply

Bolt up!

Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов Reply

Back to work!

Aaron Arellano Reply

Just like giving the Broncos their first win, the Chargers will somehow lose to a third string undrafted QB.

    Rivers 619 Reply

    And will probably break a few records as well.

Vince Ruland Reply

Screw the analytical crap and put up a W this weekend!

    B Reply

    Vince Ruland exactly

Sam W. Reply

I think you got the sides mixed up. What really concerns me is the Chargers’ o-line vs the Steelers’s d-line. That is what you should be talking about, unless you guys are already conceited to that, like giving us no shot.

    p pinchera Reply

    yep this is where it’s going to get ugly, that ‘D’ front is for real and Watt is a WATT !, even Dupree OLB seems to be on fire (3 sacks already)

ann Craig Reply

Definitely a L

The Three Burritos Reply


Nephew Reply

14-2 firing Marty.

    Rockapulco Reply

    Norv got the keys to the lambo and wrecked it.

lsturbointeg Reply

Chargers is a very bad football team this year.

    Kirk Moore Reply

    Chargers is a very bad football team every year…

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Kirk Moore stfu and stop always coming here just to hate dumbass…and we were 12-4 last year idiot

The Crimson Chin Reply

As a life long Chargers fan, I can confirm that this plan will not work.😂 ⚡GO BOLTS ASAP⚡

    B Reply

    The Crimson Chin agreed lol looks like it’s gonna be one of those years

Bchester6 Reply

The interior D-line is garbage as well as the middle linebackers. I don’t understand why more teams don’t just run it down our throats because we have no answer. Our edge pass rushers and cornerbacks are the best players on this defense unit but that’s the opposite of how a team should be built (inside out). You can apply this same logic to our offense and it’s no wonder why we are consistently disappointing.

Original Gamesters Reply

Lets go Bolts. Time to wake up and get after it. Check out my Chargers Madden 20 highlights!!

Rockapulco Reply

Watch out for not losing how bout dat

Jose Alonso Reply

Stop the freaking run Bolts!!!!! Buckle up your chin strap!!

Legend__ 21 Reply

Alright let’s keep it real…if we lose to a 3rd string QB…tank the rest of the season and get a good 1st round pick🤷🏾‍♂️

B Reply

I hate that they post these just play the damn game a win tell Phil to stop playing like a rookie and tell the offensive coordinator that you don’t run down the middle on 3rd and 6! Looks like it’s one of those years for our bolts smh

p pinchera Reply

this is like a West coast home game for the Steelers. the place is going to be filled with those damn gold terrible towels

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