Chargers Break Down Week 5 Loss, “That’s the only way I know how to fix it” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nathan Harper

We have to beat the steelers

    Ryan Duffy

    We won’t

    Da Greazy

    They dont have to do nothin but pay them boys whether win or lose


    We all know one thing. There will be 75% Steeler fans and terrible towels waving for our next “home game”.

    Sal Romeri

    @Ryan Duffy theyre gonna have a 3rd string QB playing that’s probably never started a game in his life.. We’ll be fine.

    Ryan Duffy

    @Sal Romeri I don’t know, we almost lost to the dolphins, plus we suck at home, plus it’s a team we should beat, which means we will play worse, plus 2 or 3 more injuries will probably get tacked on during practice this week

Mel Paras

Chargers are just consistent at making excuses and making those consistent mistakes !?

    Indiana Jones

    Mel Paras hard to play with that many dudes out and Denver’s desperate this team will start winning

    Felix Reyes

    Bro imagine if Chubb was there.

    Felix Reyes

    Miller dominate the whole time

Jay Tay

One of the worst performances I ever seen from them. Hopefully just a brain fart for them

    Da Greazy

    U can take the chargers out of san diego but u cant take the san diego out of the chargers

trouble with the curve

Can you spell disappointed? Sure you can if you’re a Charger fan🥺

    Kirk Moore

    trouble with the curve
    Choker fans are used to it! Cheer up, you’ll get over it! Untill the iron curtin takes over your soceer field next week….


    @Kirk Moore Still salty from last time…Cheer up, you’ll get over it!

    Kirk Moore

    Salty about what? Not a Steeler fan I live on the west coast! I like to mock overrated garbage teams like the Chokers however.
    Boy do they suck! Just like their delusional fans, lol!
    Chokers football!
    Different city same throat!
    Since 1960!


What an embarrasment giving the broncos their first win


    got PTSD from when we lost to the browns lmaoo

Jay The Cyborg

This was rough! But kc dropped their first one , and Might drop the next to the Texans, the division is still wide open!

    Jay The Cyborg

    Kexin I get you, but I mean we’re playing with some 3rd stringers in some positions. I’m still optimistic , that bringing back hunter , ingram, James, okung, and a healthy Williams, we have a chance. And it’s not like the broncos have been a true 0-4 team. They’re not the Dolphins. Obviously if we play the way we did yesterday, we are not gonna best anyone, but some people were acting like this loss ended our season.

    Kirk Moore

    Jay The Cyborg
    Eternal bliss until the next loss, usally the following Sunday! Better not shout, better not cry, Better not pout, I’m telling you why….. Steeler Nation is coming to town!!! They’re making a ticket list… Buying all of them twice! You gonna find out who’s fanbase is naughty not nice!…. Steeler Nation is coming to town!…. They know when your are sleeping, they know you’re never awake, they know that Spanos is never good, so suck it up don’t be fake!

    Jay The Cyborg

    Kirk Moore it’s gonna be an awesome game!

    Kirk Moore

    Jay The Cyborg
    Don’t forget your cryin’ towel!

    Brandy Urias

    For the Raiders It is Lol… Or us if we beat the Raiders and chiefs twice

Dane Grippo

Made a good amount of mistakes today , but like they all said theirs a lot of football left . Everyone stay up ☝🏽


I’m done with football until Derwin comes back 😕


    @Da Greazy who said I’m being fake I’m just saying that if we keep losing at least I’ll see derwin ball out when he comes back

    Jiggy M

    Derwin can’t help the offense score more than 3 points…offense probably more pitiful than the D


    Y’all acting like the team on the field yesterday is our starting lineup xD like 20 starters out lmfao Probowlers on IR is the Chargers way


    @Adri that’s why I cant wait till derwin comes back lol when he does must of our injured should be ready too


    @Adri we might suck the first half but we can still pick it up halfway and make the wildcard


Gordon is good but he’s not worth 14 million a year

    Kakashi Hatake

    A lot of it has to do with NOT showing up to TRAINING CAMP… OTA’s… PRE SEASON… etc…

    This guy don’t deserve that money he’s askin for.. ekeler and Justin Jackson is our future


    Jeremy B true


    @Kakashi Hatake But, but, but, he’s so wonderful…

    Robert The Kid

    I’d trade him for jalen Ramsey


    @Robert The Kid I would too but I don’t think Jacksonville would do that


we have so many issues its scary

Chuck Palumbo

Casey Hayward basically saying ayo I’m doin what I gotta do, can’t speak for everyone else lol


Austin Ekeler is a damn keeper. Wish everyone on the team had his mentality

    Robert The Kid

    aGUY most consistent charger


We have almost 20 starters out so this isn’t surprising


Best thing said , can’t win games without making touchdowns.

jahmel dixon

Gus Bradley hasnt been on point this year smh his play calling is soft asl.

Jenny Hanson

Didn’t feel like my Chargers team showed up at all 😭⚡💙⚡ Must Bolt Up!


They’re feeling that LA pressure. No home field advantage, division game loss, Steelers up next 👀

Mitchell A

They got lucky cuz we weren’t at full strength.

We’ll get em back.

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