Chandon Sullivan on big performance ‘I just want to help my team’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

This dude was solid in pre season and that transferred over today. Being versitile got him in the game, and he showed up. Reminds me of how micah hyde was.

Wisco Simple

That interception was beautiful

Yooper eh?

That was an incredible int. Not just the athleticism. Reading the play and then timing that jump and gettin the ball well before it’s true descent was incredible. Lots off Potential here.

Silver Neos

Top Defensive play of the year

    Marquese Hickman

    Not gonna say all that bc we’re gonna have a lot more even better than this one #Green&Yellow

    Damean Wards

    so far agreed

Auto pilot 001

Helluva play glad we kept him around

mayra Guzman


Dj Diddles

Sullivan us a beast and it sucks Redmond couldnt get his pick!!

    aaron berhane

    Dj Diddles I know and King dropped an interception, he could of had 2 its all good at least we won 🤷🏾‍♂️

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