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Goober Goff Reply

It’s so hard to make it in as a corner he’s was the best during his time you didn’t throw to his side of the field

Jon Davis Reply

Dude defines lockdown corner

Hector Rodriguez Reply

I Wish Champ stay with the 2015 Denver Broncos if he did not decide to retire, but oh well he’s in the HOF along with The GOAT Owner Broncos Owner late Pat Bowlin Congrats to them From Packers fan

    Daniel Gutierrez Reply

    Hector Rodriguez he wouldn’t have been with us anyway he was with the saints before he retired a bronco. & he lost a step unfortunately. Still a hell of a player and the best corner with prime in my opinion

    Hector Rodriguez Reply

    @Daniel Gutierrez I just don’t want him seeing him without a SB Ring

    Daniel Gutierrez Reply

    Hector Rodriguez same bro same

SoulBurner Reply

Whoah! Champ Bailey’s wife is smoking hot!!!

    Foreign Fatigue Reply

    my love songs you saying all white women hot?

    AI Dusty Reply

    Found the creep

    Andy S Reply

    Most football players wives are hot, they have money, these dudes are yoked and famous. They attract the best

    Vinsinz Bronko Reply

    Ya, I did residential construction over a decade ago. Remodeling a mansion in cherry hills. Pulling up in an Aston Martin across the street I see the sexiest diva I’ve ever personally seen get out of the car, light skinned latina, white girl I didn’t know for sure, she’s was smokin is all that mattered. What do you know couple hours later pulling up in a F150 special edition of that time, CHAMP!!! My dawg CHAMP! I respected his privacy and home and did not even approach for an autograph. Or barked or howled. I did my job around waiting for an opportunity to communicate with champ but it never came

A1Jay-Sauce Jay Reply

my dude wish we could’ve gotten him that ring

Terrence Tyler Reply

Life long Redskins fan. Portis for Champ…guess we know how that ended up…congrats CB!!

    Robbie Preston Reply

    And we got a second round pic from you guys lol we should of been the ones giving you the pick. I loved Portis so much at the time though I wanted to cry lol

    HAHA HAHA Reply

    Portis was a great back.

    redskins3656 Reply

    Both teams got great players.

    Jc Reply

    Portis could have been special. At the time it was a Fair trade

ugoshow1 Reply

A kid that came from the woods of South Georgia. Cool

Cripkeeper0 Reply

Best Corner I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Mad respect Champ you deserve it man!

ozbot87 Reply

2/3 of the world is covered by water.

The other 1/3 is covered by Champ Bailey.

    Nathan Casimir Reply

    And ed reed lmao

    Mako Moss Reply

    ozbot87 way to steal a Deion Sanders quote…

    tays clone Reply

    @Mike R but Charles woodson is not better that champ

    DealWithIt421 Reply

    This comment has been used for every shutdown DB, this isn’t original at all. I’ve heard this used for Woodson and Revis as well.

    Andy S Reply

    He was about as good as it gets in his prime. The dude baited Brady in that playoff game. Not many guys can do that.

Uso Penitentiary Reply

I hate when I’m watching something and really into the video and then a random ad comes on

    theflanman86 Reply

    Yeah that was annoying

    FACTS 1ST Reply take care all of that for you

    Wesley Morris Reply

    the adblock plus add on for google chrome eliminated ads and interruptions for me. hope this helps

ChemicalXII Reply

Champ Bailey is a beast in Madden 2004, especially on my created team. Congratulations Champ Bailey.

    Alex Jimenez Reply

    ChemicalXII haha. I used to put him in at receiver and let him go wild!

theflanman86 Reply

Class act as usual….Champ is such a great player and a great human being. Congratulations Mr Bailey.

Dontay Bell Reply


    John C Reply

    Uncomfortable? The truth will set you free. Go back and view Carl Eller’s HOF speech for more truth.


    Dontay Bell loved the end of his speech ….. That gave me more respect for him saying what he said on this platform. Most don’t have the carriage to speak the truth like that.

feelin froggy Reply

Champ is the man another great Hall of Fame Class!!!!

Les Rosin Reply

Once a Champ always a Champ. Congrats well deserved. GO BRONCOS!

Ha Vu Reply

Rod Smith should be in the Hall too. Love the fact he mentioned DJ Williams who’s career and life got cut short.

    Sinatra 1685 Reply

    You’re thinking about Durrant Williams the corner who got killed who played with the broncos…Dj Williams is the LB who was in the crowd

    Andy S Reply

    @Sinatra 1685 its Darrent Williams

    Sinatra 1685 Reply

    Andy S yep him misspelled his name


Nfl make too much goddamn money to be putting ads on their video

Reel Deal Reply

Champ still look like he about to jam and lock someone up right now

Dan Rimjob Reply

One of the greatest trades in NFL history – RB Clinton Portis for CB Champ Bailey.

714milky Reply

His interception in the endzone vs the Saints….all time great pick. Go find it.

    Jc Reply

    I swear it never gets enough hype

    Flat Cat Reply

    Yay!!! Finally someone who knows that play. An absolute gem, but that’s what champ is!!!

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