Chad Pennington’s Take on Sam Darnold’s Return to the Line Up | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tell Frederique

I brought your Jersey Pennington… I want better reads wit Darnold… start off wit some get in Rhythm throws.. #14

Gods son

Chad was a dangerous man on the field

Gmoney Anthony

Can chad coach?


    He currently coaches is son’s football program. He also help bring it back after it didn’t exist for like 30 yrs and they blew out another varsity team.

    on the street

    He should eventually be a oc or hc


    He’s not interested. At least he hasn’t been. I’m sure he’s been offered but he just wants to work and play with his family.

    Donald Schaefer

    He would be awesome!!


The season is over for the New York Jets there is no need to report on any false hopes……

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