Chad Pennington’s Film Breakdown of Luke Falk | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dark Demonik Reply

Chad can you play QB for the Jets instead?

    NFLDFS Payback TV Reply

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    Salem Official Reply

    Lol chads my fav player of all time I wouldn’t even mind if he tried to play at 43 at this point 😂

Gary Scott Reply

The Jets need to hire Chad Pennington as an offensive assistant or offensive coordinator. The Jets were competitive every year when he was under center.

    janice ginexi Reply

    Gary Scott ,,,,, he’d be wasting his time as Gase would override everything he says .

Nick Acosta Reply

Their gameplay is to keep holding on to these Ls until Darnold comes back

J Magner Reply

Let’s go baby

DeadEnd Friends Reply

Next season

Hiesenberg Walt Reply


    Illuminati 187 Reply

    Hiesenberg Walt No we have the play the dolphins

    Mercenary 1914 Reply

    @Illuminati 187 we might will lose at least one game to dolphins. It is the inevitable.

    Chris Cobach Reply

    13-3 Luke falk mvp go cougs!!

    Illuminati 187 Reply

    Chris Cobach We can dream

Eonick Reply

Who would’ve known we’d be making a video on our third string qb in the third week of the season

jryeags71275 Reply

Jets have already been called for two illegal shifts and a delay of game

Vern Vern Reply

Please come back noodle arm chad

    Mercenary 1914 Reply

    Lol…I was going to post a comment saying Chad “Noodle Arm” Pennington.

Rich D Reply

I think i was like 16ish when he played is it me or this guy dont age lol

nothingtobroadcast Reply

I remember when Chad lied to me at the draft and said Jace Amaro looked good

    Derrick Spitzer Reply

    Jace should have ended up being a total stud Tight end the problem was the Jets had the best defensive backs coach in the NFL as the head coach.

John Inniss Reply

Great Video

jon lincoln Reply

Luke uses the force in the upset of the week …Wazzu

Michael Leonard Reply

The Jets need to catch the ball

Gavers23 Reply

Is it just me, or is EA calling Falk “Flawk” each time?

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