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Dolphin fans, can you destroy the Ravens?

    Stefan Bojovic

    Phinboy 4life hell no Tua… no thanks

    Phinboy 4life

    @Stefan Bojovic No bro i want josh rosen to be the franchise qb but trading tunsil does not make sense if rosen is the guy.

    Stefan Bojovic

    Phinboy 4life you do realize, 2 first picks and one 2nd can solve the complete OL together with Kilgore and Dieter so what’s your question again ?

    Phinboy 4life

    @Stefan Bojovic We needed to see if rosen was good this year.If he isnt what we think he is we cant pass up on this QB class.

    Kimberly Mason

    I sure hope so! I NEVER want our Miami Dolphins to lose or tank! I want Tua, but I’d rather win, and be Competitive! 💯

Rygamer Studios

I’m flying down from Seattle to watch the dolphins

    Phinboy 4life

    Hope you have a good time win or lose its always a great experience #phinsup

    Rygamer Studios

    Phinboy 4life that’s exactly what I was thinking have a good day!!! #finsup

    Killer B

    Rygamer Studios Definitely do it and I hope they win that game. I had the chance to do it once from NJ, they were playing the chargers and it was a great experience. Of course we won that game so it made it that much better.

    Rygamer Studios

    Killer B I’m going to the game this season against the chargers and it will be my 1st Dolphins game ever and I’m 12 and I’ve been wanting to do it since I was 5

Pete Martinez

Fins up in these coaches I trust…… Chad dial up a hurry up offense week 1 and keep the ravens offense off the field let’s go fins up fins win easy 28-10

    We Got Next

    28-10 not gonna happen maybe 20-17 if they can win.

    Shutdown Corner

    A hurry up offense would give the Ravens more time of possession. We need to chew clock with 8:00 minute drives.

    Pete Martinez

    Shutdown Corner we can’t afford to play the same as the opponent we need points early and fast to force the run heavy ravens into passing

Ryan Damon


william harmon

Jacket looks nice

Mike Pelligrino

The biggest factor in this game is the weather. I expect the Fins should win if its near 80-85 degrees………

    gbcamaro gbcamaro

    I am in Baltimore area it’s been in the high 90 all week.but I like your thinking phins up baby


I told y’all they letting him learn from fitz and grow smh

    M&T T.V

    Mark Jefferson also fitz did decent in the games but you also want the QB to be leader off and on the field and also in practice and training fitz was doing all of that expect for in game in which game 1 he had how many snaps he did alright game one game two he start with the second squad and they did even block for him game three you going up against a Defensive team so you gonna struggle here and there but I feel like Rosen would have done any better if he started but fitz did miss a open Wideout not gonna lie Rosen did good and showed some flash against the squad accept for game two but game three I feel like could have did just a lil better maybe but over all fitz won according to flores like he said Friday I want to see Rosen perform more in practice cause you want hat leadership and that all around QB on and off the field he got great talent just lack on lil things that can improve quickly

    Mark Jefferson

    @M&T T.V 🤣 your obviously not going to draft a Qb with every pick. The main thing is bringing In your own guy as a New regime.

    M&T T.V

    Mark Jefferson ?? You missing what I’m saying bruh

    Mark Jefferson

    @M&T T.V I’m really not.

    M&T T.V

    Mark Jefferson okay

Brian Borden

I love the hoodie he has on

J Jones

Love the jacket


The o-line needs to protect the qb and if that happens we will have a great day and a good win vs the ravens.Go fhins up

    Stefan Bojovic

    ronjonjrjackson idk if I want to win lol especially with Fitz. Is bad but idc

    Rygamer Studios

    Also if our d-line is good because the ravens are a run based team so 85% of the plays will be running plays

Alfredo Lacayo

Chad looks and sounds like a solid Offensive Coordinator. He’ll keep his players focused.

Out of many One

I feel good with this Regime! #GoPhins

Ryan Minnis

Stills was not our best Wide receiver by any stretch if the imagination Parker, Williams, Geseki, Wilson, Grant and even hurns all better than Stills

Mark Jefferson

I am nervous but I love what we’ve done so far.

Jessaca Brunt

Sounds like a Patriots Press Conference.


What type of black magic or sacrifice does Dave DeGuglielmo have to do to make that group he has into a somewhat competent NFL level offensive line?

Michael Mitchell

Fins 4 Life 🐬💙

rolando orellana

Looks like Marc Tresman..

robert walker

We need to pound the ball 25-30 times in this Florida heat they will fold by 4th quarter hopefully we have the lead already but if not we will get it and keep it in 4th …also quick passes to grant and Wilson to hold off that pass rush and keep this oline from getting crushed

Kimberly Mason

I love that hoodie he’s wearing!! #PhinsUp🐬🐬🐬🏈

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