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D'KODA Reply

Still don’t know why we hired a wide receiver coach who didn’t call his own plays in New England to begin with.

Steve Murphy Reply

He cant be much of a wide receiver coach judging by the number of drops this week.


Why did new England hire Belichick after everyone hated him and he was ran out of Cleveland….? Us fans need to stop acting like we know all the ins and outs of the business

    1392FinBear Reply

    oh yes….I’m sure there is a really good reason to play Fritzpatrick over Rosen. Even the Giants made the switch….before Miami.

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Our coaches are pathetic!

    smut peddler Reply

    Mike Pelligrino not a good start…

The Word Reply

Jakeem Grant and Preston Williams have to catch those 2 deep balls thrown by Rosen. Rosen can be our future QB. He just needs a solid supportive cast. I know Williams in his first year, give him time, but Grant has had 2 very bad weeks. Fumbled punt return Week 1, then deep ball hits him in the face mask & drops it in Week 2. May wanna reconsider his 4 yr/$24 million contract & future role with the team.

    Mark Jefferson Reply

    I agree, unfortunately they probably are going to. Or Herbert and this is coming from the owner. Funny thing is; last yr he wanted Lamar Jackson, yet we draft Minkah who just wanted out. Now we all look foolish especially since Lamar Jackson is lighting it up. Not just that,Rosen throws some of the most beautiful passes I have ever seen but Qb is more than just pretty passes. Not sure if he has the it factor. As you said the drop passes didn’t help Rosen case. Tua,Herbert and to me Fromm as well as Trevor Lawrence all have the it factor. You have to draft one of those guys either way incase Rosen isn’t the guy plus you wouldn’t want him not to have competition like Tannehill didn’t. If he really is the guy,keep proving it. Another thing Grier said earlier in the yr before the season is the will draft multiple QBs because of the lack of competition before. That way your definitely getting everyone best.

    The Word Reply

    @Mark Jefferson Competition is good. Don’t waste early picks on 2 QBs that WILL be busts. 1) Tua is a COLLEGE QB, NOT a NFL QB. 2 different sports. 2) Herbert doesn’t have it between the ears. Use your early picks to build DL, OL, LB. I’d take Fromm in 3rd round or later. Lawrence is a wildcard, but I’d take him in 2021 if you don’t have to sacrifice much to get him. Don’t reach though. Rosen is more naturally gifted then any of those 4 guys. You HAVE to give Rosen a FAIR chance though, you gave a 2nd rounder for him. I do not see an issue with his leadership skills. That narrative in my opinion is a made up story.
    I am not sold on Lamar Jackson, seen this story before with Kaepernick & others. Defenses adjust and figure him out. Plus he’s played Miami & Arizona. Let’s see him this week against the Chiefs. If the Ravens can win a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer, Bucs with Brad Johnson, Giants won 2 with Phil Simms, Cowboys won 3 with Troy Aikman (Aikman only threw for 20 TDs ONCE his entire career, he was carried by defense & Emmit Smith)…you can win a Championship with Josh Rosen. You need an efficient coaching staff (verdict still out on Flores & co.) & a solid supportive cast (especially an OL)

    Let it be Known Reply

    @The Word I agree 100 percent build the trenches. I believe anyone who makes it to the NFL as a QB can at least give you a chance to win every week if they have time to read the field and throw the ball. The QB position is a reflection of the o line. Brady makes almost any receiver look all pro not because of him solely but he always has a good to great o line. Same goes for all the top QBs any bad years they have either they lost lineman or they are ranked near the bottom with the o lines . Don’t take it wrong I don’t think all QBs are equal by any means but anyone can be serviceable with time so build the trenches and wait to plug the QB in last

    Gary Huang Reply

    Grant has NOT shown that he can run clean routes. Preston has now dropped a deep ball in each game….but he got open versus Parker who can’t get open.

UltimateTiger88 Reply

Winning takes time, we are so used to instant winning they are playing the long game and I’m kind of impressed, we as fans just need to look way into the future

    bdp_Medic305 Reply

    We are used to instant winning?…. really?

    UltimateTiger88 Reply

    @bdp_Medic305 yeah like in general every team is like in won now kind of thing instead of building

Quentin Seals Reply

Go Phins

Tecumseh Grainger Reply

C’mon governor, I have faith in you!

1392FinBear Reply

lots of emphasis on Kalen….pretty obvious that Drake is not coming back.

    Emmanuel Dean Reply

    I think so too!

    1392FinBear Reply

    @Emmanuel Dean two complimentary backs with different running styles….Miami should try to keep both

    Emmanuel Dean Reply

    1392FinBear I would think that they would. It seems right now the focus is clearing cap space and stocking picks.

Big Boy T Reply

I have confidence in Chad as a first time Offensive Coordinator and play caller! But, it’s time to just put Josh in and let him learn on the job, because Ryan not only looks old out there, he is old! He has more hair on his face, than Brian, Chad and Patrick all have combine on their heads and it’s not black hair it’s grey! He at this point in his career, is a backup solely, he’s not a starting QB and no team in the NFL is going anywhere with him as their starting QB! Let’s get on with this and put him where he belongs on the bench and get moving with Josh and if we have to the practice team QB! We may only win 3 or 4 with Josh, but that ok we will find out can he play on the field in games and can he lead and this time next year, we’ll know how much he has grown. Even if we draft a QB next year, we may not have to draft one in the 1st round; because of Josh growth!

    1392FinBear Reply

    Chad seems way too focus on Ballage and lost focus on the TE to LB mismatch. My opinion is that Miami can’t run the ball with this OL so they need the passing game to set up the run.

    Big Boy T Reply

    @1392FinBearRyan will start and this is the biggest problem with them on offence. Ryan is too ole and Josh is playing scared an has no confidence. I’m with their plan, as long as, if we haven’t scored more than 3 pts. by the half, they need to put Josh in the game.

Beals007 Reply

Experience experience experience repetition repetition repetition and you get better give the guys a chance will you

Gary Huang Reply

Progress? You went from 10 points to zero.

Gary Huang Reply

Giants benched Eli and we’re going to keep playing Fritz?

Gary Huang Reply

With this guy, Marino will never get on the field.

Gary Huang Reply

Drake is averaging 3.1 yds per carry and Ballage is at 0.6 yds per carry. Maybe we should play Drake more?

smut peddler Reply

Play Rosen he needs this and the dolphins need to see if they can build around him or Tua or sunshine

Jon Jonson Reply

Lousy drafting, Lousy coaches = Losing!!!!! Build a fucking O-line it aint rocket science!!!!!!!!!

Jmoney Harris Reply

Chad O’shea reminds me of Deadpool without the mask

Eye Test Sports Reply

Miami Dolphins are the Farm system of the NFL just like the Miami Marlins

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