Center Cut: All-Access to the first half at New England – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Zion Anderson Reply


Averagestoner Reply

We’re playing flat, I hope this will look different in the first regular season game

Sully Pittman Reply

Hope cams okay

No Reply

Too bad cam got injured in an useless game.

    markcudi Reply

    Jessie Jonez go back to school, you idiot.

Depressed Panthers Fan Reply

oh cam🥺

Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum Reply

love to see the ‘behind the scenes’

Jamaal Noland Reply

I pray Cam is ok 🙏🏾🙏🏾😔

    Google Rapes Reply

    Why? Heineke is better.

    sheila haslem Reply

    @Google Rapes no he is nothing

    Sammy Reply

    Hopefully he will be back before the season

    tito thomas Reply

    Jamaal Noland you need to pray that you get some hoes

THEREAL _TG204 Reply

If cam stays injured like this our season is basically over

    Stop it then Reply

    Wrong. We just might win a Superbowl.

    A. K. Reply

    Melchezadec 1
    Boi stfu with that bullshit

Austin GT Reply

I don’t know why cam didn’t just throw it away! No need to scramble and get injured in a Pre season game. 🤦🏾‍♂️#KeepPounding

    Austin GT Reply

    @tito thomas Dude Its not me setting the bar for Cam to overachieve like Brady. What I’m saying is you become great by studying the greatest. You can take pointers and apply them to your game and benefit from it.

    tito thomas Reply

    Austin GT ok

    Austin GT Reply

    @tito thomas We can just agree to disagree.

    tito thomas Reply

    Austin GT of course my g

    Austin GT Reply

    @tito thomas Either way! We going to the Superbowl. #KeepPounding 💪🏾

Benjamin Blake Reply

Defense line still has no push up the middle.

    The Watcher Reply

    Poe, Butler are trash

    Benjamin Blake Reply

    Efe obada looks good against the twos.

    If you make a good push up the middle it disrupts the offense from the start of the play.

    Poe hasnt done that since we picked him up last year.

    We should have found away to pay KK and Star Lotulelei, we have missed him for years now.

P Papperson Reply

This is how you know the game was great, “first half highlights” and we get team motivation from cam and donte

Justn Brnard Reply

Not even a Panthers fan but their media team is second to none

god Reply

i really wanna see newman and luke win a superbowl 😭🔥 hopefully its this year

    HushTv Reply

    Who’s newman…

AR15 Luciano Reply

Sorry… but no… horrible oline smh. Cam

    The Watcher Reply

    Deserves we can say that about every quarterback in the league about what they deserve I deserve to be a billionaire 🤣😂 but then reality sets in

Yvng J Reply

why would we play cam🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Spooky Rabbit Reply

Maybe Cam being vegan isn’t such a great idea. Seems like he’s become pretty brittle.

    Neake22 Reply

    That very well could be. His body has been used to processing and using nutrients from “regular” eating for so long, this may be a byproduct of veganism in “active” athletes until it adjust.

    steven whiters Reply

    Yeah any Extreme diet is bad I don’t see why people just don’t understand balance is the key eat everything in moderation

    thedude22 Reply

    Same thing happened to arrian foster in houston, once he went vegan his body game up on him. Might be ok to be vegan in soccer or basketball, but when your body takes punishment like NFL players, you need some meat on them bones.

    Cimevol Enyawd Reply

    Tony Gonzalez felt it helped his career. I’m not sure if he was vegan or vegetarian but I know he gave up the meat.

Thomas Jones Reply

Man they going to be weak this year man.

The Watcher Reply

Panther fan here since 95….The reality is Cam’s days in Carolina are numbered. His body can no longer keep up with the physical style running quarterback he plays it happened to Cunningham Vick now him. He may think he’s Superman but his medical record tells another story. Unfortunately this is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league

    Talk to me nice Momma there go that man Reply

    The Watcher ..been saying this for a while now. We need to deal cam and somehow get the qb outta clemson when he come out this yr or nxt

    Super Panther Reply

    @Talk to me nice Momma there go that man I said the same thing dude from Clemson is nice on the football field hope we can get em next year

Talk to me nice Momma there go that man Reply

Cam will be ok but he will not play again untill regular season

Chris Goodworld Reply

Cam alright but for how long O-line trash

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