CEEDEE LAMB PART 1 | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Before he wore 88, who was CeeDee Lamb? 
You have to go back to where it all started in LAMB: PART 1 presented by Sleep Number

#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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twstd24sevn Reply


COWBOYS fan1980 Reply

im soooooo excited to see him ball out!!!

Elliott Garcia Reply

Can’t wait to see Cee Dee snatch that rock from out of the air while holding on through a vicious tackle!

CleetusVanDamme530 Reply

He seems to have a great head on his shoulders because of his mom and uncle, can’t wait to see him dominate on the field👍✌️.

Nathan Reply

hes about to destroy the nfc easts secondaries

Adrián LSGTO Reply


    Jonathan Lindsey Reply

    Hyper Games the cowboys were 8-8 last year, but 5 of those loses were a failed final drive and they lost by less than one score.. that will change just on experience together.. then u add lamb to a wr group that had two 1000 yard wrs last year plus jarwin finally starting at te, baidasz “or however u spell it” will be a DOMINATE center/guard.. poe to dline, diggs and dix to secondary, the best special teams coach in football, a offensive head coach on and on… i would be suprised if dallas wins less than 12 games.. they r really good… but of coarse the haters will say it was because of covid-19 affecting other teams… bs, dallas has to deal with the same damn thing, plus dallas was suppose to have a longer training camp and 5 preseason games due to new coaching staff that they did not get

    Jonathan Lindsey Reply

    not to mention the cowboy hater commissioner is holding up gregorys reinstatement, but of coarse he reinstated coke head gordon for the pats instantly last year

    Michael Buchanan Reply

    Only if the coaches calls the right plays

    The super bowl Team Reply

    True cuz raiders is top 1 …

    Blaze King Reply

    i drafted every single one on fantasy 😂

Shenanigans Nuts Reply

When a rookies so good he gets his own mini series.

    Godisable🙏 Reply

    Yes 😂

    Jayden413 ! Reply

    Godisable🙏 love the username

    Todd Dearborn Reply

    Underrated comment 😂

Creative Sense Reply

Ready to watch ceedee make teedees!

Tk3okc 405 Reply

From lamb, to Goat

    Bobby Tatum Reply

    Good one!👍

    Johnny Reply

    I’m stealing this. 🙌🏽

Godisable🙏 Reply

I love to see a young man humble beginnings blossom to a better future for him and his family! Keep your focus on making your mom proud and stay grounded! Let’s go COWBOYS!!!! 🤠🤠🔥🔥🏈🏈

Ricky like Bobby Reply

CeeDee is a savage

    Keith Thomas Reply

    Savage Lamb!!!!

Nick Clark Reply

I’m so happy Lamb fell to us in the Draft sometimes it feels so unreal that he’s on the Dallas Cowboys but I’m GLAD he is so Let’s Go 🔥🔥 this is Going to be an exciting season

Reynaldo Ramirez Reply

Eagles, Seedees nuts!😂😂😂

    Samuel Law Reply

    You took the word out my month you going to hear alot of that lol

josh oropeza Reply

i was praying we got him and we did can’t wait till he takes tha league by storm

Stitch Rblx Reply

All of the dislikes are eagles fans still mad about our boys stealing the best wr in the draft

Marques Hardison Reply

Wish we had more fathers and less sons taking care of their mothers.

With that being said, CEE DEE TEE DEE…

Christian Elizalde Reply

I like his key word on. Now Mom Can Rest & Now I Can Work💯🔥🔥🔥🔥#Respect#Grit#CowboysNation

Frye Daddy Reply

After seeing this i love this kid evenmore.He’s a hard worker & humble as hell.Good Luck CeeDee!!

Joseph Eddy Reply

He’s so mature for his age. He’s built different I could tell already. He gives off such good vibes I hope he lives up to the unbelievable pressure he’s under. But he’s got that dawg in him that every team would kill for. I still can’t believe he fell to the cowboys.

wes conner Reply

“Now she can’t rest while I work” love that mentality

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