CeeDee Lamb: Locker Room | Dallas Cowboys 2022 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

CeeDee Lamb: Locker Room | Dallas Cowboys 2022

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Drusilla Mcmillan



    Unfortunately CD doesn’t seem like a #1 receiver you can count on too many drops and shown in multiple games that he won’t fight for 50/50 balls I hope that will change but it’s not going to magically fix durning a season we basically got 2 high tier #2 WRs and 1 #3 WR

    Stephen Martinez

    @Alex we saw one game with dak, wym.

Craig Daniel

Not worthy of that 88 jersey..


    Idk why they made him wear that lamb is a number 2 wr and that’s it he really better in the slot as a number 3.

    I drink milk

    What is you on lil bro?

    Stephen Martinez

    @kI ceedee lamb is a #3 receiver? 😭😪

    junior baltadano

    You tripping.

matthew cantu

Cee Dee is gonna be at the top of the charts this year he’s a beast

    Scatpack39 Deuce

    No he’s not..maybe next year

Lasay Williams

I need ceedee to take that next level

    Football Philosopher

    @jesus Torres Lol. I know. But when you watch a player you’re looking for athletic and or skill based traits that make them a #1. Ceedee is an average athlete at WR, good hands, but not great hands, and a average route runner, without great suddenness or quickness.


    @Football Philosopher he’s that guy, he’s young and got a lot of work to improve on. It’s not like he’s in his 30s trying to figure out.

    Football Philosopher

    @Matthew Well he’s never shown he’s that guy, and he hasn’t had a 100 yard game in almost a calendar year. Not to mention he’d be the first of his kind and n the modern era. Not a size/weight player who can dominate with broken tackles or boxing people out, not an elite hands player, not a speed player, not an elite route runner player with crazy quick feet. Who is he???


    @jesus Torres bro Justin Jefferson was better and had more potential and you’d know that if u watched college football.

    Stephen Martinez

    @kI here u r again hating on ceedee. 💀😂

Janet Sullivan

Praise God for CeeDee lamb 🙌🙏❤young intelligent man keep 🙏the faith

Fernando Ramirez

Cee dee needs to cee dee ball.. them drops are killer

    Stephen Martinez

    Bruhh yall gone say this every week or wut? 😂💀

Janet Sullivan

Wear 88 jersey ceedee lamb proudly shake the haters off. Your haters makes you greater

Mark DEttore

Just play all you can do good or bad just play you suck at home over the years just play

Mark DEttore

Save the bullshit words just play the game


Fans really don’t understand how little time Dak n Ceedee really have work to together just think about it 🤔

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