Case Keenum Throws 380 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

That boy Terry McLaurin is about to be something special. Don’t sleep on him now.

    Zechariah shuman

    Big facts

    Tyler Keightley

    Your right we caught a brake when Case over threw that pass

    Farrah Cody

    @Tyler Keightley word that was the turning point if he makes that throw it’s a ball game now

Evil Duck

Case Keenum played great to bad the Redskins choked

    quan Brooklyn kid


    quan Brooklyn kid

    @Anas Hussain sure was

    FakeUser NameTwo

    They did the same when they has Cousins

    Beta Lewi

    Yeah the Eagles should be very worried about their season. Only person that beat us was D jack


    This happened a lot when he played in Houston.
    The better he played the worst the defense got


broncos fans punching the air rn.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Clickbait Jr he threw 3 picks last year, he didn’t throw any this game

    Uso Penitentiary

    This game just goes to show that the coaching staff did him no favors last season

    4 days Under

    @Evannr19 he did trash last night

    Hunter Kneifel

    King Gaming100 24-16

Escocivo 30

Keenum already trusting the Redskins


Eagles secondary is suspect


    Beau Agreed

STCB Prod.

This is NFC Divisional Keenum…..


    Ur gonna see nfc conference Keenum sometime soon


    @Tzero rip

    STCB Prod.

    @Tzero yup cuz karma exists…

Michael Darkwa

Like if Gruden should be fired

    Sinister Apex

    Michael Darkwa I totally agree


    Both grudens should be fired

    202 DeSignated

    Michael Darkwa For Everything That Is Holy 🙏🏾🙏🏾


    And Dan Snyder.


380 yds 3 tds 1 choke job

Kelsey McCarson

Congrats to Case!

Jonathan Rose

I guess Keenum ain’t done just yet…


If he didn’t overthrow Terry Mclaurin on that one play, we more that likely would’ve won!


    If the defense makes one more third down stop, you may have won.

    Beta Lewi

    @Charles they couldn’t if you are tired they was gased

    Wellspring 23

    0-2 after next week, hoping for a high 2020 draft pick already

    Mike G

    If he connects with McLaurin they would have won with that last touchdown 34-32. This is a team game and the defense has to adjust and the offense has to be aggressive – always.

Curtis 23

He always produce everywhere he goes.

Dayton J Vlogs

As a Vikings fan I hope case stays great so we can have him back when you guys are ready to all out Dwayne Haskins


    Dayton J Vlogs I loved Keemun I just don’t see it happening again. I have faith this year in cousins

    Von dee Gaming

    @ALFA LEGEND how old is he

    Black Knight

    @1-51 both? he won the division round idiot

    Slim Vickins

    @1-51 You mean Vikings defense choked.


Kinda sad we lost, But i’m glad that we actually doing something good.

Joey Harris

Guys don’t get to upset. Our best part of our team is the defense. Everybody rusty. And with Allen getting hurt that bring everyone down. Keep everyone healthy and make coaching adjustments we can be really good. Our weak side of the ball (offense) balled out. O line did really good. Tight ends pretty good. Wide outs had a lot of flashes. If we add some more run chem in our offense to control clock with ap and guide running we will win a lot of games.
Remember we have a new qb. So when case gets more comfortable he will be amazing. His first game he showed out and that’s against a decent philly defense and great coaching staff.

    Sean Taylor

    Norman and Dunbar are trash

    Vodka Vohn

    @Sean Taylor Norman definitely.

Prince Groove A.K.A. Your Favorite Pony Boy

Dammit, we should’ve held onto the lead! It was an impressive performance from Keenum, regardless.


Michael Madden

Case Keenum has always been a great quarterback since his days at U of H. He just needs an offensive line to give him a second to throw the ball.

Matt Balderrama

Case can be really good if they let him be Case and play his own game

Wellspring 23

Keenum > A Smith and D Haskins


That Vernon Davis play is ridiculous! Bro has been in the league since I was in middle school lol

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