Jai Norman

Best safety in the national football league.


    Jai Norman tbh I won’t say the best but the most underrated

    Dr Swagalicious

    @Sammy nah this dude has a theme where he comments on every video “best _____ in the National Football League”

    DollaSignz Jay

    Jai Norman don’t gas him I love em but don’t disrespect earl Thomas and Harrison smith like that

    DollaSignz Jay

    Sammy facts you right about that

its_yo_boi_harley 12

Love the Panthers #keeppounding

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Panther fans, can you take the NFC North?

    Underground Wes

    We coming for the Nfc south crown. And then the super bowl.


    Underground Wes hopefully cam can be healthy


    Hell yeah we can.



    TaRon Myers

    Hell yeah and we’ll send the bucs a postcard while they’re 5 games behind us! Superbowl bound #KeepPounding

Daniel Harris Jr.

Damn not even hating but bruh one of the weakest safety out gaulden must reallllyyy be sorry smh

    Daniel Harris Jr.

    trill 1 what was dey record last year…and I don’t believe pass defense was ranked to high either…

    trill 1

    @Daniel Harris Jr. Their record has nothing to do with his individual performance. It’s a TEAM game. But their pass defense was #4 IN THE LEAGUE. Check the facts bruh, before you judge. You will be surprise sometimes.

    trill 1

    Daniel Harris Jr.

    trill 1 7ints and 52pd let’s not forget they have pat p…

    trill 1

    @Daniel Harris Jr. Peterson was a bum last year…
    P. Peterson – 45 solo tackles, 5 pd, 2 ints
    T. Boston – 66 solo tackles, 9 pd, 3 ints, 1ff

    and you were saying!

DollaSignz Jay

Missed this guy great to see guys personalities off the field

Daviddaboss 10

The redskins did it first

Chad Kinsler

Keep Pounding

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