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Nick Long

I really like that even after a win this team understands that there is alot to work on and they are openly self-critical. They will get it in gear


    Nick Long exactly chip would never

    Still Learnin 4332

    But they say it every week and are consistently sloppy. Offense is sus

    Beef Testosterone

    Kinda getting old now, it’s week 5. But I agree

    daniel stewart

    Well they will always say it because no team is perfect

Loyal Philly fan

Wentz and Nelson should’ve got that td pass but that corner hit Nelson down field. That should’ve been illegal contact tbh.


    Nelson’s gone after this year dude makes way to much money for dropping passes plus he refused to renegotiate


    Nelson didn’t drop any balls in the SUPERBOWL.


    One thing unnoticed is wentz is slightly off with his deep ball. Either it’s a little under thrown or a little overthrown. He will get it together.


    jakegetscake I don’t think you can renegotiate a 5th year option. But I may be wrong. Did the eagles ask him to?


    @Phuong …..He has to get it together for this offense to be successful. He has to be a little more consistent with his deep balls.

Top Opp John

Our offense needs step up next week Vikings gotta good d ths year but they offense up n down im sure will win but it’s gonna b close game 24-17 if say

Jekyll Hyde

*”We Can Be Better” – Carson From Gm 1 To Gm 16 Of The 2019 Season…*

    Jekyll Hyde

    @Jeff Deel *Yeah I Know And Now Carson/Doug Are Saying It Nonstop Wk After Wk… It’s Like They Hired Reid’s Post Game Speechwriter*


    Jeff Deel Doug has been with Andy Reid for years

    daniel stewart

    We aren’t a cocky team and of course you can always be better we aren’t complacent, carson spoke the same way the superbowl year, hes a humble guy so take it for what it is


    Jekyll Hyde.. Dude with all due respect I think you’ve been watching too much WWE. I think even most wrestlers say the same thing all the time. I don’t think Wentz will get fired because of his performance on the mic. Seriously name me a head coach or football player that is incredible @ post game press conferences. He won the game that’s good for me..

    Andre Jones

    Every QB every player has been sayin that same line for years fam smh

J Seals

Go Birds!!!

jackass dumb

How bout them cowboys!

    OhLord ImGreat

    😂 I came to the comments to see who doesn’t get sarcasm

    a z

    Lmao faced 2 real teams and got 2 Ls… cant wait to hear shannon sharp and stephan a smith clowning 2mrw!!

    jackass dumb

    @OhLord ImGreat word smh

    Jared Matthews

    Joel Morales you didn’t get it

Scotty Mazarati

Carson beats Packers in Green Bay.
Dak loses to Packers in Cowboys Stadium.
Yeah… Lets pay Prescott that Carson Wentz Money -_- lol

    Tray Love

    Dak can get $10hr..✌


    @Ben Ingram Music ….What are you talking about? Wentz did take two shots down field to Nelson that he should’ve completed.

    Ben Ingram Music

    @6971robi no, the corner held agholor so he couldnt get under it


    @Ben Ingram Music ….That ball drift to right of Nelson. Wentz mentioned in his post interview that he have to make that pass.


    @Ben Ingram Music ….But, it’s a long season.


Ma man rockin the jean jacket!

Juan Soto

No not ya best should have won by 50 and opponents 0 embarrassing letting them score 6 with that rookie mistake!!! Good win anyway 😉lol

Dominique Ballou

Offense did fine Doug got up on a bad team and chose to milk the clock, and leave w a dub. I’ll take that over Daks 400 yards 3int lost.

    teon kearson

    Dominique Ballou I’ll def take that over what Dak had going on, but honestly bro what he’s saying is a fact. The whole time during the game I was frustrated at our offense. It was like he said..penalties and way too many 2nd/3rd and longs..The O line was getting handled by their D line almost all game. I’ll def take the win, but we have to do better than that

Anthony Ashkenazi

Rockin that denim!


Offense looked terrible Jackson needs to get back out there we need that deep ball threat

    DontKnowHim 111

    We need to Chuck it up to alshon

    Matthew Izzo

    DontKnowHim 111 Alshon is still injured


Ayo he rockin a jean jacket…😂😂😂 im gettin real real big vibes that the eagles took this as a bye week. 😂

    Q Mack



    Offense played like it was a bye week lol


Such a stud man

Shon Don

My guy drippy!!

Oswaldo Barrios

Honestly we played pretty bad, we were lucky it was the Jets


Eagles coming for that NFC East Crown again! Cowboys still stink!

Post Cranial Rectomitis

Question – So is that a Joat?

Jared Matthews

Carson looking fresh. Looking like a philly boy with the fresh shape up

Luther Baker

Eagles win Cowboys lose it’s a great week!!!

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