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Carson Wentz vs. Aaron Rodgers EPIC Clash | NFL 2019 Highlights

Carson Wentz throws 3 TDs and 160 yards vs. Aaron Rodgers and his 422 yards and 2 TDs. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Loyal Philly fan Reply

Wentz missed a few throws but he did get 3 td passes and pulled out the win. Rodgers ate up our defense too. Gg packers

    Antonio James Reply

    @Ghost Big Q 160 yards passing is tearing up lmao

    Carlos Gutierrez Reply

    Loyal Philly fan wait until D Jax comes back underdog mentality

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Ghost Big Q He didn’t tear up that defense at all lol. He had like 160 yards. The Packers horrible pass rush and trashy run defense blew them up and exposed them.

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    @Roadrunner yea but honestly he played well. He made the throws that mattered and he has been throwing well this season. Imagine if they were healthy

AfroKenny Reply

Wentz was surgical tonight.

    Evil Maddox Reply

    S DA stfu

    Vincente Perez Reply

    The run game is what won this game and the defense lol “turnover”

    Truevillany Reply

    @DRock6906 yeah I agree with you, but I do think he played a little better than what you’re saying. His escapability today really helped save us

Webster Kollie Reply

Aaron Rodgers pulled a Russell Wilson in that last play lol

    Brandon Lo Reply

    More like Lafleur pulled a Carol in the last play

    Send Nudes Reply

    Webster Kollie blame the coach lol

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    As a Seahawks fan it’s hard to blame that play entirely on Wilson. You have to think that he was told that it was his only read and if he threw it anywhere else and failed he would be in trouble.

    Virginia Ybarbo Reply

    Webster Kollie you’re an idiot if you think that

    Tyler G Reply

    Virginia Ybarbo not at all.

Harrari Reply

Brady completed ZERO passes this game. The beginning of the end for New England?

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @LedZep’s X Lol I hate the Pats but that’s so true

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Intellectual One Woosh much?

    Intellectual One Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X Double woosh back to you. Joke went over your head I see.

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Intellectual One It sure didn’t seem like a joke at all. It doesn’t even make sense as a joke

    Intellectual One Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X You’re butthurt and now crying because you missed the joke. 😂😂😂

Eagles 4eva Reply

Jordan the rhino Howard 🦏

Lebron James Reply

Danny Dimes would have scored both times unlike Rodgers

    Lebron James Reply

    PHLYLIGHTS So at the end of the season when he wins rookie of the year are you going to say “it’s only his rookie year dude chill out” ?

    Lebron James Reply

    LeBears GOAT recognizes GOAT. I see it in Daniel Jones ever since Duke. I knew Gettelmen & Shurmur plan was going to be good

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Lebron James Dude you played the Bucs who got way to comfortable with a 18 point lead

    Lebron James Reply

    Donald Trump Jr. X it’s Funny because everybody was saying the Bucs’s D was going to make Jones fold under pressure🤔 what happened ?😂😂😂😂

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Lebron James I never said that because I know the Bucs are trash

FadeKing Reply

Refs bent philly over the whole game. One of the worst reffed games I’ve seen since 2017

    Evil Maddox Reply

    James J no

    S DA Reply

    Really? Whole bunch of missed calls on the packers and I can’t stand the packers

    mrbran214 Reply

    @James J actually that last interception won philly the game plus that fumble haaaaa

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    @James J those refs more than made up for it calling pass interference on everything else.

    James J Reply

    @SmithN’ Wesson you can’t make up for the last play of the game though man… believe me I know green bay shouldn’t have put themselves in that situation but that last “int” was rough.

mario mandescu Reply

I swear every single passing yard went to Maddox and Sidney’s side of the field 😂😂

    Evil Maddox Reply

    Call Me J. R. I’m telling you rasul douglas has been cold this year

    TV해피 Reply

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball Reply

    I been tryna tell people since last year that Maddox and Jones are garbage.


Carson wentz with banged up WRs. At Lambo, on a short week. Agsint Rodgers. Played VERY well. Dude looks like he did in 2017. Just more efficient and gets the ball off a lot faster. GREAT GAME both sides. Rodgers a beast too

    Antonio James Reply

    how is 160 yards around 50 percent completion percentage consider good qb play.. he made key plays cant take that away from him but stats dont lie

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @LikeNative MikeTV He doesn’t look like the GOAT at all lol

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    He looks good. Still has to clean up those mistakes but is deff getting ball out faster.

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    @Prison Bill Cosby then why did Wentz have 3 tds and zero picks?

FrostyTundra Reply

Rodgers : Alright I’ll start playing again
Defense : Okay we out

    Johnny squad Reply

    @Slim Vickins he still ate tho

    Kurt Quist Reply

    @Matt Zavaleta they were clearly in position to score football know it all

    Devastator Reply

    Yards =/= touchdowns

    LikeNative MikeTV Reply

    @Derek Davis One bad game? And we havent played nobody but yet the Bears and the Vikings are both 2-1

philly_ sports Reply

I don’t want to hear any of you fake fans who inexplicably blamed Carson for the losses against Atlanta and Detroit. If you can’t support him in defeat, don’t support him in victory.

    TV해피 Reply

    Norman VanScoy Reply

    @44excalibur Most. I know a dude who literally said that it’s Wentz’ fault because he throws too hard. And he was deadass too 💀

    44excalibur Reply

    @Norman VanScoy Because he throws too hard? Like Aaron Rodgers doesn’t? Sorry, but it’s the receiver’s job to catch the damn ball. Once the ball hits your hands, anything that happens after that is all on you, not the QB. That dude who told you that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Norman VanScoy Reply

    @44excalibur Exactly. Look at KC. Mahomes has a cannon for an arm and they have no problem at all.

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    They are just haters. Also LOTS of dallas fans who hate on every division QB

Mega Reply

Wentz looked solid

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Soaring Grasslands Elite defense? Lol no. He played average and didn’t do anything special

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Soaring Grasslands Actually the team out 34 points up not Wentz. Really helps when your defense can get a fumble at the 10 yard line too smh

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    @Vincente Perez Wasn’t solid? 113 QBR 3tds zero picks. Thats SOLID. Missed a few throws kinda like Rodgers. Your just a hater 😆

    SmithN' Wesson Reply

    How dare you say that!! He didn’t throw for 400 yards so he must be bad lol


    And whats so funny about it had he pass for 300+ yards with a few turnovers and lost they still would criticize him just can please humans!

Derrick - Reply

Packers defence against the run was atrocious these past 2 weeks

    パンク / punk Reply

    its def their achilles heel… its why the eagles played a balanced air and ground game, the word is out now after this game packers are gonna have to quickly learn to button it up.

Weiss Reply

Rodgers had his best performance of the year and the defense didn’t show up. Not good

    DerpSquadron Reply

    Weiss The play calling didn’t show up in the goal line, Rodgers always has excuses 🙄

    Soaring Grasslands Reply

    Wentz was effective and running game for eagles was stellar.

    B.Rocka Reply

    how about passing at the 1 yard line…lets not act like this was all on GBs defense, especially when everyone was hyping them up as one of the best units in the league. That was simply Horrible offensive play calling in the 4th. And the Eagles offense was more efficient

    Weiss Reply


JWSTelescope Tranquility Reply

Damn Rodgers is a beast. He basically played us by himself.

    mrbran214 Reply

    and also lost it too you cant say jones, Adam’s and Graham didnt do anything they did good

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl Reply

    Graham literally dropped a TD pass that could have won them the game

    mrbran214 Reply

    @Ryan Irwin- Diehl could’ve would’ve should’ve dont forget sharon overthrew his receiver that ended up a FG instead of a TD so dont give me this he is the best crap when the refs help him every year except in the playoffs

Slim Vickins Reply

No QB has thrown more interceptions that were dropped than Rodgers

    Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Reply

    in 2 years he has thrown 3 interceptions all of which were dropped by receivers

    Slim Vickins Reply

    He gets so lucky. Fuller dropping the pick 6 last year. Bills dropping 3 ints in one game last year. Eagles dropping pick 6 last nite.

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager He was also injured for almost a whole year in that 2 year span. He also doesn’t take any chances or risks which isn’t what a good QB does. He plays safer than Brady and that’s why the Packers haven’t won anything in 10 years

    Tyler G Reply

    Donald Trump Jr. X lmao Rodgers lead the league in bad plays last year. He doesn’t throw picks but he does everything else wrong at the expense of that. Terrible, overrated, over conservative, stat hoarder. That’s all he is.

Jayshawn H Reply

Aaron Rodgers lookin healthy, bro really 🥶💯

johnstjohn1987 Reply

Packers Offense: Were 3-0!
Packers Defense: Aight imma head out

    Soaring Grasslands Reply

    The eagles happened. Thats what.

    Tyler G Reply

    Soaring Grasslands this has to be a joke LOL

    SPACE_Sirius Reply

    Wait packers have a defence?

Send Nudes Reply

Damn Carson peaking at early years, imagine him playing more seasons minus injuries, dude would be one of the GOAT QBs

    Stanley Podlinski Reply

    Donald Trump Jr. X he’s better than rodgers tho 😂

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Stanley Podlinski I wouldn’t doubt it he is overrated

    Brady H Reply

    Donald Trump Jr. X Wentz had 3 TD’s buddy

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Brady H Big deal they were all in the redzone. He isn’t an amazing QB he is slightly give average. Pretty much Dak Prescott but on a worse team

    Tyler G Reply

    Donald Trump Jr. X exactly lmao. These wentz cocksuckers have to chill out lmao

Soaring Grasslands Reply

Great QB battle between two elites. Great win by the eagles. Wentz showed his stuff and proved he’s legit tonight.

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