Carson Wentz Throws 3 TDs in Season Opener | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Carson Wentz Throws 3 TDs in Season Opener | NFL 2019 Highlights

Carson Wentz secures a win over the Redskins by throwing 313 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}

Die hard Cowboys fan but I had the opportunity to meet Carson Wentz this offseason nice guy very humble! Wish him good health this season

    Bird boy Big

    Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} as an die hard eagles fan thank you


    Thanks, bro. At the end of the day, it’s just a game and we should all wish for the players to get through these seasons as healthy as possible. Cheers to you and your team as well.

    Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}

    rick mason he actually did and we took a picture together 😂

    Robert G

    Your team is our mortal enemy. You all have Stockholm syndrome, don’t let these Cowboy (cockroach) fans fool you. They will stab you in the back faster than Jerry Jones is going senile. Fly Eagles Fly…


Wentz will lead the Eagles to a division championship and the playoffs.

    Mikey Faiella

    God He’s done it before… you mean when Foles won the Super Bowl for him and when Foles came in last season and they kept Wentz benched when he was ready to go while he clutched out and beat three playoff lock in teams including the Saints and Rams to even make it into the playoffs? Wentz wouldn’t have been able to win those games especially since he got crushed like 42-7 against the Saints 32nd dead last worst pass defense in the league.

    Eagle Eye

    Mikey Faiella he didn’t beat the Saints…

    Eagle Eye

    Mikey Faiella and the Eagles had a lot of injuries going into that Saints game.. lets not pretend it was Wentz’s fault… people are pretty quick to forget that Wentz went 11-2 and put us in the position to get home field advantage in the Playoffs

Blaze Santana


    Larry King


    Evan Kerr

    Blaze Santana much better than dan Snyder

    XxPro_GAMERxX 98

    Time stamp plz?

    Blaze Santana

    XxPro_GAMERxX 98 0:00

Mike Jay

Wentz gave his bug to foles now like damn it


    Zachary Panuelo-Ikosia for example I actually seen one laughing about him getting injured in the eagles vs redskins highlight video smh


    @Dankbuds how is he hating by stating a fact? i love foles but the FACT is he’s never played 16 games in a season whenever he had the oppertunity. what happened to him is very unfortunate

    aj b

    dboyBR225 never lol 😂

    Boss Mafia 900

    @Dankbuds Theres also fans that bash Wentz and only love Foles as well, but I love both of them

LAW 00


Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Nice to see that someone can *finally* his Jackson the deep ball!

    Mr Meaty

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos futz was pretty good at it like once in a while

    Spike and Mike’s Life Insurance

    Mr Meaty Jameis Losington is the bucks qb now. 2 pick 6’s today. Tough!


    Tastyquicksand – lol Fitz did the same against the eagles last year, remember? A couple of times, right?


    @neetrab yeah he’s talking about jameis tho. Lol

Loyal Philly fan

Carson Wentz looked so confident throwing that ball. If he stays healthy top 5 qb for sure.

    Boss Mafia 900

    @Matthew Tingle Oh, my bad, I thought you were talking bout Keenum

    Boss Mafia 900

    @Matthew Tingle Yea, dont pay Mr Greatness no mind, he’s just a troll

    Matthew Tingle

    @Boss Mafia 900 yeah just blind stupid hate like skip bayless.

    Boss Mafia 900

    @Matthew Tingle Yea, but they’ll learn

Loyal Philly fan

That Wentz to Jackson hookup is gonna be so fun to watch this season

    Dominic Cusanelli

    So hyped

    Ty Nao

    @MrGrreatness Jackson was at one point being covered. Everyone is when you hike the ball, but he used his speed to create separation. Nobody can really “cover” Jackson, unless they are holding

    Rakeem SW

    Ron Riggs how do you “suck” when you led the lead in yards per catch last year? You sound dumb … it wasn’t him that “sucked” it was those shitty offenses that your shitty team “the redskins” had all those years

    jack jack grimm

    4 sure bruh


DeSean has become another weapon for the eagles, his speed and route running just make them more dangerous.


    You know what is scary. He made Cooper have a carrier year in 2013 in TDs and catches what you think he is going to do with a WAYYYYYYY better receiver on the other side in Jeffrey and Ertz and Godert plus Nelson.

SmithN' Wesson

Carson has a hell of an arm. Looked great 🔥


    MrGrreatness are you dumb. Are you mentally slow. Wentz did amazing and he’s way better than dak

    Brian Scalabrine

    MrGrreatness When you have multiple people calling you an idiot, you are indeed, an idiot.

    Leon Jason

    @MrGrreatness stop hatin dude it was
    a impressive game from Carson the fact that he kept his composure and brought us back to get the win. Did u not watch the game those 2 tds to DeSean Jackson were absolute dimes. Stop hatin


    @Leon Jason I’m simply comparing it to what I would expect from an MVP this year. His missed throws & 1/3 of his yards coming off of 2 throws to a wide open uncontested receiver don’t really impress me. He still has 15 games to prove he can play at the top level & stay healthy

    Leon Jason

    And he will stop hatin my dude u sound real bitter trust me Carson has a different mindset this year

Hector Rodriguez

Carson Wentz For 2019 NFL Comeback player of the year.

    freddy and foxy

    Return from injury to comeback man of year and mvp


    MrGrreatness lol how so? He killed it 72% completion with 3 td’s and 300+ yards. Not sure what your smoking. Must be a redskins or cowboys fan


    You’re so obsessed it’s sad lol get a life


    And MVP lol

philly_ sports

Now there’s the Carson Wentz we all know and love!

    Fuck Dallas

    MrGrreatness You sound dumb af😂


    @MrGrreatness Don’t care about regular season MVP I care about SB MVP. You want a regular season wonder QB go head I am a fan of titles. Not media darings.

    Goat Stature

    @MrGrreatness dude if your an idiot if u dont watch Carson play and see a soon to be goat you gotta have your head examined!! and he was just warming up he hasnt played football in 9 months lmfao!! #Eaglenation we wooped yall deadskins smh u thought u had it won😂

Semion Johnson

That’s my QB this is only the beginning he is about to take the league by storm !! #Fly Eagles Fly

solo sports

5 straight W against Washington. Wentz back to mvp form


    I thought it was 6. Are you sure?

    that's right

    Come on…. It was against the Washington defense that has more leaks than the Iraqi Navy.

g henry

Wentz was throwing darts and seeds all day today, especially in the second half. Hope God protects him and keeps him healthy all year because when he’s healthy, he does some amazing things that only the best QBs of all-time can do.

    Ron Riggs

    Lmbo!!!!! You hope “God protects him”? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
    This is the same exact reason why I root against Carson Wentz, just like the Browns all season this year because of the overhype and the fact that people make him out to be so much more than he is! Nick Foles was a better quarterback and if you actually look at Carson wentz’s passing charts… You’ll see that anytime he throws over 10 yards, aside from yesterday… He sucks!!!!


    Okay Ron

    Rob Harron

    Ron Riggs you must be a casual football fan lmao good one Ron

    Antwan Montgomery

    Ron Rigg love it I!! Noticed when he bails from the pocket he s keeping his eyes downfield instead of looking for the run
    Can tell he’s been watching some Russell Wilson Great job wentz keep it up

    Bill belichick

    Ron Riggs you sir are a fucken idiot who doesn’t watch football

Mike Roagression

Carson is the only qb not named Rodgers that can challenge Mahomes. They’re going to meet in the Super Bowl one of these days and Carson will beat that anointed one

    Grumpy Cat

    @Tyler Reigle look at new yorks defense and look at washingtons. dak has cooper. wentz has a ring. all your arguments can be flipped onto themselves so you should probably give it another shot

    edit: and btw, you CAN say wentz is the better qb with 100% certainty, and if you can’t see that you need to get that DakDick out of your mouth. for the record, i defend dak when people say he’s a bad qb. that’s also a really stupid take. he’s a good qb, he’s just not on Carson’s level and you Dallas fans need to understand that.

    Tyler Reigle

    @Grumpy Cat name me someone on Washington’s defense lol you can’t like I said they’ll be picking top 10 maybe even top 5 so stop it, and no Wentz doesn’t have a ring how can you even say that lol Foles got that ring Wentz hasn’t played 1 playoff snap so please tell me how hes better than Dak? That’s like saying Drew Bledsoe has a ring when he was on the sideline the whole time. Also the best ability is AVAILABILITY and has Carson shown you he can be available for a full season lately? I don’t think so, like I said watch how Dak shines this year and get back to me, Carson is a very good QB like ive said but he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders

    TK the 7th

    @Tyler Reigle Whoa whoa whoa….I was just a spectator until you said name someone on Redskin’s defense…Have you forgotten who Josh Norman, Ryan Kerrigan and Landon Collins are?

    Tyler Reigle

    @TK the 7thlol Josh Norman at this point is getting washed up let’s be real and Washington overpaid for him from the jump he was never in the same class as a Revis or Pat Peterson etc, Ryan Kerrigan is good but if you have a good offensive line you can essentially take him out of the game did you even notice him on sunday? And Landon Collins is a good safety I’ll give you that but are those 3 gonna make the skins a top 15 defense? Lol I don’t think so

Philly Prince

Shutting the worthless haters up with a reform of 2017. Comeback player and MVP 🦅🦅🦅


00:22 one step, flicks wrist, 60 yards in the air. Carson has a rocket.

Jackson taking the top off (the d) like it’s Mardi Gras.


    God damn he sure did just flick that thing 60 yards

Brotherly Love Productions

Words cannot explain the feelings that me and my fellow birds fans felt watching those two td’s from Wentz to Jackson. Welcome back home brother!

Shawn Love jr

Can’t wait to see what type of bs skip Bayless says about walk it to em wentz tomorrow morning

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