Carson Wentz Proud of the Eagles’ Resiliency Despite Loss | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Collin McCarthy Reply

That’s my quarterback. Keep on fighting Carson. You got this

    The Mike707x Reply

    Your qb sucks

    Jeff Dimmler Reply

    @The Mike707x you shut your dirty pig mouth

    Steff Cuddi Reply

    The Mike707x better than yours

    Art Vandelay Reply

    he’s got nothing. they’re a doomed franchise who should have cut a miracle blockbuster trade with him…and kept nicky9.

    Ian Good Reply

Alex Kahan Reply

Carson played like the leader he is last night. Long season… Go birds!

    The Mike707x Reply

    You must not know football because if you havent noticed this is what wentz is a guy who holds the ball to long dosent follow plays and takes to many hits,and is mentally fragile hes crap and you’ll probably agree with me by the end of the season

    The Mike707x Reply

    @Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo lol I’m an eagles fan only but wentz is weak dude ull see

    Ian Good Reply

MegaLacedup Reply

Carson was fighting all they way to the end

    The Mike707x Reply

    Wentz blows dude

    William Robinson Reply

    Yo dude got my respect when he tore his knee up and THEN threw another touchdown!! That cemented it for me. That’s Philly right there, that’s Rocky Balboa, it’s all of that. Tough as nails.and tough as they come!

    The Mike707x Reply

    @William Robinson if being broken every year is tuff for u then lol

Justin Long Reply

I’m Praying For You Carson And Our Team You Should Great Resolve You And The Team Showed Most Ppl Knew Going On The Road Against A Team We Have Beat 3 Times Was Gonna Be Hype And Motivated To Beat Us I Still Believe In You Wentz The O Line Played Terrible No Protection For Him But Doug Needs To Get The Running Game Going Early And Often With No Running Game To Balance The Offense It Is Easy For The Defense To Get Those Pressures Once The Running Game Is A Non Factor But We Will Be Better Still Going 12-4!!


Still nice. Agholor catches that catch up the sideline we win the game… but nonetheless on to next week

    Puerto Rock Reply

    I like Agholor but how can ya deffend that drop this aint his rookie year and he made a rookie mistake he was worried bout running down the sideline before making the catch

    dcgreenspro Reply

    TheNerdySportsGuy he had ball put in his hands, in stride. He was behind the defense. That catch has to be automatic. Also, we spent a first round pick on him.

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo Reply

    @dcgreenspro correction. Chip Kelly spent a 1st rnd on him. He isn’t and will never be a apart of “Us” but I agree. He was complaining about not getting enough touches last week just to drop the game winning touchdown. That’s why carson threw it to djack even though agholor was wide open. He’s got better hands.

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo Reply

    @Jonny Lake we were down by 5. The extra point puts us down by 4. We’d still need a touchdown. We went for two to put us down by 3 so all we’d need was a field goal instead of having to go for it on 4th down and lose like we did. Ertz messed up for sure.

    Ian Good Reply

Scrizz The CEO Reply

We needed this loss . Just like 2017 we bout to win like 10 straight 🦅🦅🦅🦅

    Ron Briglia Reply

    Yeah , the Mike707x trolling every 3rd comment ? Get a life as obviously all you seem to do is go on positive comments to trash a guy who gave it his all to try to win the he game for his team and our fans. If you could do better , then why aren’t you out there .
    A negative comment with your opinion is fine , but to troll as many comments as you do , just to see your name out there is lame . I’m sure if I go on all the other Eagles videos from last nights game ,
    Mike707x will probably be on every 3rd one on those videos too .
    Hmmmm I wonder how much I should bet on that possibility?
    Get a life !

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo Reply

    @The Mike707x “we ain’t” are you batshit crazy or what? There’s no way you are a part of WE if you’re hating on our guy. Go watch Nick Foles play in Jacksonville…. oh wait he’s on injured reserve.

    Ian Good Reply

    Lol.2017. 2017. ♿

Emma Johns Reply


    Ian Good Reply

    Die Eagles die

kitdacraze phillyphilly Reply

We got this man
Next man up let’s gooooooo
Moving on man
Nice suit BTW 👍👌

Donna Marie Pszoniak Reply

Carson was great Eagle’s are Tough we lost only by 4 points !! each week we get better “”❤💚❤💚

    Art Vandelay Reply

    you’ve got to be kidding me. they’re 9-7 at best this season and wentz will be on IR by halloween. disgusting they let nicky9 walk.

Tyler Ensminger Reply

Don’t want to keep seeing these slow starts. Hopefully they can play a complete game next week

    William Robinson Reply

    Our season starts when it gets always tighten up when after the first few weeks.

    Art Vandelay Reply

    they won’t. never have with #11 and never will.

Virgil Bradford Reply

Is it me or does our man sound like he been in the league for ever. Keep ur head up Carson Philly is behind u bro 💯

    Ian Good Reply

    Wentz is trash

    Virgil Bradford Reply

    @Ian Good yea but that trash helped us bring a Superbowl to Philly. Remind me last time Dallas actually won something?? Don’t worry I’ll wait 😂

Breeze Incognito Reply

Too many intangibles against Eagles on this game then they lose two main receivers but they still had chance. Only worries are how soon Jeffery and Jackson can recover from injuries.

Alfonso s Reply

That suit is effay, can’t believe we lost to earth worm Jim looking Matt Ryan

Nick English Reply

Lest try to pull off a upset win over the Detroit lions

    Mr.Ridley Reply

    That’s hardly an upset.

    Mark Race Reply

    @Mr.Ridley get real, the eagles are not very good. Nothing but old sissies on the team.

    allphilly111 Reply

    @Mark Race Cool story jagoff

    Mark Race Reply

    @allphilly111 sucker

Glen Draper Reply

Still needs correctly . Mistakes. . try more practice practice. . .be ready EAGLES next game. 💪🏈 fly Eagles fly. We still love u Eagles . . just do it. It’s tough. Be fire up 🔥🔥🔥

Jason Strom Reply

A lot of people trashed Agholar after this game, and while it pissed me off that he missed the TD pass as well, I still see him as one of the more solid players on this team. A lot got put on him last night so I’m not gonna hate.

    West Monell Reply

    Jason Strom ppl forget that there’s a thing called development. Some guys get things from day one, others show flashes, some show flashes and turn that into consistency. We’ll find out where Nelly falls. He needs to make that catch no doubt. Had 100 yard day. He came through on 4th and long. Couldn’t believe they converted that one. Carson continues to grow through each new situation he comes across. It’s fun to watch it the process.

    Todd Henley Reply

    Without a mistake you will win every game like we say about a opinion we all have 1!!

    Puerto Rock Reply

    Idk man im still confused how you can drop that pass in that situations he has come along way since his rookie season but idc who u are you cant drop that pass in that situation i rather u make the catch and not score then dropping it

FiringallCylinders Reply

He was tough as nails last night.

Mr.Ridley Reply

Even with the loss, that was maybe Carson’s gutsiest game of his career. Things will be okay.

h1strat Reply

Can somebody please get the questions on mic and into the audio mix?

44excalibur Reply

Carson fought like hell last night. If Nelson Agholor held on to that damn ball the Eagles would’ve won.

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