Carson Wentz Preaches Patience vs. Falcons Defense | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

That’s my quarterback



Paul Toy

The North Dakota Assassin is becoming a master of the game.He’ll paint a masterpiece this year.

    Alan Escareno


    Wally West COAST

    Do you watch philly 500?

    yung zack

    love this comment.

    Paul Toy

    @Wally West COAST One of my favorites


Did we ever lose to the Falcons? I don’t recall

    Jwilly G

    not with Dougie P

    Louis Silvestri

    We lost week 1 to them a couple years back

    Flexible Strategist

    @Louis Silvestri The Eagles lead the all-time series 16-13-1 dating back to 1968. Eagles lead post season 3-1. Falcons beat Eagles in wild card in 1978; but Eagles beat them in playoffs 3 times since: 2002; 2004 and 2017.

philly philly

Carson your the man!!!

philly philly

Carson is the definition of a franchise quarterback!! Hes everything u would want your QB to be on and off the field

    Luke Cage


    Flexible Strategist

    I couldn’t have said it any better. Foles is a good player and man, too.

L3293791 Yeah

I am sure Jones is going to be the Falcons fall back guy when they need a come from behind win. We must force the Falcons to use the middle of the field and our OLB and MLB has to shut down those actions to force them to go to Jones then our CB and Safety must prevent him from scoring at all cost. Jones it their Jackson. He can spread the field and make plays

    allen Brown

    water is also wet

Christopher Gutierrez



That’s my quarterback *T.O. voice*

Guardians of Gold

Philly Philly! Check out my Madden 20 sim of The Eagles vs Falcons game next week!

FunTimesWithPie Ferfington

Its funny how they compared him to dak especially with his game against the giants. But cmon now, its the giants. Wentz > Dak

    Robert Torres

    I’m a fan and go birds but like come on we played the skins they’re just as bad as NYGπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    @Robert Torres the Skins defense is much, much better than the Giants let’s not confuse that. That being said the boys are a factor and you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Dak has grown a ton as expected from a guy who hasn’t missed a snap since entering the league, which is something he doesn’t get enough credit for. Wentz has such a high ceiling when comparing the two he’s the better passer/player but Dak is more dependable so at this moment it’s a
    wash. Time will tell who will end up with a better career but it’s a great thing to be able to watch it for the next decade.

    Flexible Strategist

    Dak can’t carry a team. If the Cowboys are behind by a lot of points, he can’t make plays to sustain drives to score. Plus, he runs too much out of the pocket. That thrown lineman off.

    Master Of The Craft

    Exactly Wentz >Dak

Chris Cooke

#1 QB in the league


hes elite!

Alpha Swagga

The rest of the league better watch out. Carson Wentz has come back throwing darts across the middle and slinging canons downfield… with precision. His performance Sunday was enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the most veteran coaches and players. Aye bruh, the Eagles mean business this year even more so than last year. Super Bowl business.

    Bruce Willis


Khari Mott

Nelly needs to chill. Everybody eats! Just may not be all on the same day

    Chris Sharp

    Khari Mott why does he need to chill? Did he say anything

    Khari Mott

    @Chris Sharp I read that he wasn’t happy that he wasn’t targeted often.


he sounds not saying his voice im saying his feels like he’s locked in ..idk why i feel like that but something’s different with wentz

    yung zack

    the Revenge Tour.

Craig West

I love this guy.


Damn…hes almost too skinny. If it works for him.. ok but ….dont want $#!+ to snap when he takes a hit.

Carl Weisman

“Dallas looked great” What? Oh, our TE. Okay.

Forrest Smith

All props to the O line !!! Hes right they dominated

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