Carson Wentz on Short Week: “It’s Always Tough” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Carson Wentz on Short Week: “It’s Always Tough” | Eagles Press Conference

quarterback speaks to the media about putting the loss to the Detroit Lions behind him as he prepares for this week's matchup against the .

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Emmet Fanatic 2019

Sorry I missed it

TrapSoul Life

Jesus call the plays 🤣

Dr Pavel, Im CIA.

>cant complete game winning drives
>receivers cant catch balls
>doesnt sack the QB
>doesnt punt
>doesnt pick off the QB

    Harold Upchurch

    I’ve been saying summer Dak Prescott’s going to have a year like his rookie year or better Kelly Moore and Prescott used to draw a place that they wouldn’t run if they was the offensive coordinator for Prescott before more became an offense of coordinator and this is the results you seeing now now his rookie year like I said this for a few years going to be the same or better look at the weapons he has now in College Prescott was a gunslinger and more knows that and that’s how the offense is built for Prescott once we get down into the trenches then he’s going to really bring up playbook out you see these are bland plays but they working cuz everybody’s trying to get tapes on us but the real s*** going to come out when we get in the trenches watch like I said I’m not even worried about it no one like I’ve been saying all summer Prescott has the whole NFL on notice yeah I’m talkin very cocky very confidence but I know what I know and I see what I see and what I see is what I’m saying is going to happen so Cowboy Nation sit back relax and enjoy the ride to the Super Bowl baby word

The Mike707x

Wentz is no team leader cant lead men nick Foles can lead men

    northdakota momma

    @Jason Strom Very strange that Carson as a rookie and when he led this team on the Superbowl run no one questioned his leadership abilities. That Joseph Santoliquito story comes out and all of a sudden Carson can’t lead even though a majority of the players said that even when Foles was starting there was never a question of who was the leader in the locker room. Foles was a favorite of Joseph Santoliquito so it would not surprise me if Foles and his agent were the cowards behind that story since Joseph Santoliquito hated Carson before he was even drafted and Foles sucked wherever he has been but Philly, made him a hero even though Brandon Graham saved that Superbowl game when he sacked Brady. The seed of evil was planted and the talking heads are still talking about it so the scum bag Joseph Santoliquito is getting famous off a coward who was not man enough to face Carson. To your point Carson would be much better with Frank Reich as his coach. Bring Foles back for Pederson and they can sit and write books about themselves.

    N A

    Can Nick Foles “lead men” on the IR? You fucking moron. Christ you Wentz haters are legit fucking stupid.

    Eagle King

    @Victor Smith it’s Wentz not wents foh u damn clown

Still Learnin 4332

Wentz has to be very jealous of jacoby brissett


Carson is sometimes too nice. Sometimes to be a good leader you need to chew your own guys out once in a while. Not aggressively of course but more vehemently. Still love him though.

    Victor Smith

    No heart no swagger no fire he’s poison to the eagles

B Con

We Need this W Carson! Can’t afford to lose to another NFC team. Go Birds!

    Victor Smith

    Carson wents is poison to the team

    Danny roberto

    B Con 💯🦅

    Eagle King

    @Victor Smith what fool

Jason Strom

I’m so tired of seeing Dak Prescott and his stupid Sleep Number Commercials😂

    Ivan Beltran

    Or selling canned soup. Jerry needs to pay him so he can back off commercials. Dak will be pitching reverse mortgages and home catheters by the end of the season.

kitdacraze phillyphilly

My family says he need to stop turning red I was like whaaaaaa

Edwin Lopez

Just focus on a Win. Let’s go birds

    Cameron Linville

    You got that right we gonna beat them 🧀 heads 27-24 Eagles win…..what you think?

    Edwin Lopez

    Cameron Linville exactly it’s gonna come down to putting together consistent drives and not fall behind early

    Cameron Linville

    Right and we need to have better ball security and not drop open passes but I feel like Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles will get back to where they need to be Thursday Night.

bad boothe Boothe

This game going to see what we are make off

Easi Flips Productions

No matter what he does when the team loses, it’s his fault. Some people are just fckn idiots. And more than likely cowboy fans

    Ivan Beltran

    He’s getting 108 million guaranteed. Quarterbacks who ask for that much pretty much say they’re all a team needs. You don’t have to pay anyone else. Breaking the cap puts it on the QB in any team.

    Deshawn Anderson

    Easi Flips Productions I see no lies in this statement

Mark Race

Wentz BLOWS!!!!!!!

    N A

    Not as good as your mother….

Nikolai Leaderman

Wentz, at what point should we the fans demand change at some coaching positions? What is a fair amount of material to know for certain that Doug really isn’t a good play caller, like what his critics warned when he was first hired? How disheartening is it to come from behind and take the lead just to have Schwart’s Schemes and formations blow the win for you and the team?

Dbz Lover

That’s My QB 😤

Yola Boy

That’s my QB

TK the 7th

These teammates need to realize that Wentz IS the franchise. If you continue to drop passes, fumble the ball, do not protect, etc., you are more likely to lose your job but Wentz will be here.

Ivan Beltran

Stop hoping and start winning. It’s all empty confidence being 1-3.


I’m not looking fwd to this Thursday game against greenbay

Kenneth Crudisiol

we need the big NICK f

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