Carson Wentz on Loss to Cowboys: “We Just Gotta Be Better” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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xlr8r2010 Reply

“We Just Gotta Be Better” WOW…what a newsflash! lol

    Jared Fehrens Reply

    I knew watching this video was going to be pointless lol but what do we expect him to say? My receivers can’t catch, my line can’t block, our defense can’t cover.

    SayDat Quan Reply

    @Jared Fehrens him and Doug say the same thing

    boastfuls Reply

    @SayDat Quan Carson shouldn’t be calling anyone out especially on live press coverages. It’ll just cause bitterness. You obviously aren’t seeing the team dynamic

Eddie Vera Reply

On to next year cause this season is a wash!

    Gmoney BOT!!! Reply

    Eddie Vera I’m ready for 76ers basketball

    Fly Bye Reply

    They need to get rid of the old guys that are dead weight.

    Eddie Vera Reply

    The offensive coordinator on the cowboys looks like he’s still in high school. Our coaches should be embarrassed!

CarlitosWay277 Reply

Media is asking dumb questions, they trolling him for a “sound bite” clip

layzer80 Reply

the fix is simple, fire all the wrs except jackson, jeffery and ertz

    memefest Reply

    You can’t have two recievers and a tight end you need depth and this was so stupid I think I lost brain cells reading it

    Bradley Slusser Reply

    We need to fire all the WR’s. Defencive coordinator, and if this team w ont play hard for Wentz, he or the rest if the team needs to go. Lol.

    Trang Lam Reply

    110% agree

Rodney Lattany Reply

Mental mistakes,Lack of focus and execution. Self inflicted wounds. Inconsistent. That said Dallas obtained some of Thier weapons the eagles didn’t so a 14 point deficit was demoralizing and insurmountable.

Vom808 Reply

Low energy disgraceful showing tonight. We don’t need to see lane hugging Lawrence after the game. Wtf kind of team are you guys.🤦🏽‍♂️

    Rafael Felan Reply

    This is Nick Foles team. They don’t play for Wentz the same as they did for Foles. For what ever reason, they don’t like Wentz. Maybe he not a good leader. Maybe he sleeps with guys wives. Maybe he’s got BO. Maybe he’s a fag. Whatever the reason, Eagles suck haha

    AARON B Reply

    I am ZAE the team played for foles and they don’t think wentz is good leader . Should have kept nick foles

    I am ZAE Reply

    @AARON B thats BS. If your a professional football player you should be going hard no matter who your qb is. You play for your team and your city the people who pay to see you, if a certain qb dictates your motivation level im sorry but thats trash mentality and they need to go play for another team.

007 Reply

We all know the whole team is coming out flat week in week out and only finding motivation from getting in holes. I don’t think this coaching staff has anything under control.

    SayDat Quan Reply

    They don’t. Only thing they have control over is not throwing players under the bus. You know. Soft Philly locker room

    Julian Parker Reply

    The coaching staff is the biggest issue. Jim schwartz is horrible. He has been including the year we won the superbowl. Eagles offense has been horrible ever since john defilippo left.

    northdakota momma Reply

    @Julian Parker Since Frank Reich left you mean, he was the brains behind that Superbowl win. DeFilipo is too full of himself, he found out the hard way in Minnesota.

    Julian Parker Reply

    @northdakota momma defilippo and reich were brilliant minds with the eagles. Cant speak for what happened to defilippo in Minnesota.

    northdakota momma Reply

    @Julian Parker Zimmer got rid of DeFillipo because he sucked. Frank Reich was the brains behind that Superbowl win. DeFilipo would be a head coach if teams thought he was good, instead of getting fired from his first OC job.

William F. Buckley Jr Reply

And now, in that suit, he’s Ace Rothstein from “Casino”?

T Collier Reply

This team is old and paper thin,due to terrible drafts the last few years!They might be bad for a while….They don’t have a core of good young players, and no rising superstars! The future is bleak!

    JoJoe MC Reply


    Foolish Demon Reply

    Exactly everyone is old besides our QB and Running backs.

Christopher Leusner Reply

I’m sorry…Carson looked bad last night. Like really bad.

    Bobby Wizdum Reply

    @GlitchGaming45 sorry. This team is not this bad. We heard the same bullshit last year then foles saved the season. Wentz just isnt a winner dude.

    neetrab Reply

    @GlitchGaming45 He literally handed the Cowgirls the ball at like, the 10 yard line, fumbling the ball during the beginning of the 2nd drive.

    Kevin Rogers Reply

    Chris, Wentz wagon I believe is a good leader, somewhat. He looked bad, but truthfully the whole Eagles team looked bad and lacked the effort to play well. Yet Here’s what I mean about being a good leader, sorta. Athletically, hard play, making plays you can count on Carson to give you that. The equalizer? Motivation, inspiring guys to play with heart, passion and actually and ALWAYS, ALWAYS showing up! Interestingly enough this is the factor that Nick Foles has. He knew athletically, making plays was not necessarily his strength, instead he understood that his job was to get the ball to the play makers, stay with the offensive plan and then trust his guys to make it happen, and boom SB Champs! Yet we no longer have Foles to look to. I Have love for C. Wentz, just not sure that he can mature to that kind of leader than produces champions?

    GlitchGaming45 Reply

    Bobby Wizdum Is you think Foles can save this squad you need some help bro. It’s obviously he coaching… Watch the jags

Kris Wit it Reply

Yeaaaaa I’m almost ready to “boo” this team. Such a disappointing season. The same problems as last year.

    SayDat Quan Reply

    Same excuses too. Like literally

    Julian Parker Reply

    @SayDat Quan Exactly, same bullshit excuses.

    neetrab Reply

    and it’s worse than last year, I think.


Trade Nelson! He literally pulled his hand back from the ball!

    Ronin Gaming Reply

    Are you talking about the play were Wentz bombed it for him and let the ball fall to the ground without any efforts to try and make a reception that play made me furious

    C Pitts Reply

    Thats twice this season he did that!

    Robert Leisey Reply

    I’d say trade Nelson for Robby Anderson

    Kevin Rogers Reply

    Leigh, he did pull the arms back and lacked any effort to track the ball. I mean he had his defender by two to three strides and nothing! Sad, yes cut him now!

Robbie Takeda Reply

Do some of you actually watch these games or just watch sportscenter smh some Wentz haters around here

    Bradley Slusser Reply

    @northdakota momma I agree Reich is a huge loss. But even when Foles started last year and we lost, the team looked like it had energy and heart. I hope I’m wrong. But there’s an issue with Wentz and some of his teammates. Hope we weed them out.

    northdakota momma Reply

    @Bradley Slusser Watch the games and it is Carson, Brandon Graham and the running backs who are the only ones keeping us in games. The losses are on the rest of the team.

    Bradley Slusser Reply

    @northdakota momma Carson plays harder than anyone. That’s not up for debate.

    northdakota momma Reply

    @Bradley Slusser You must watch different games than I do, the rats diffently need to be removed. They are nothing but cowards. No player on this team has the right to point the finger at anyone else but themselves. The Bears game last year was only won because Cody Parker missed a field goal, the offense sure didn’t win it or the Saints game where Foles and the offense did absolutely nothing for 3 quarters but Ashon gets blamed for dropping the pass when the whole offense only played a quarter of football. Is that blamed on Carson also?

Andre Jones Reply

I’m done hearing the we gotta get better bs every week same excuse everytime I’m sick of it

    Bob McCabe Reply

    They suck. I’m enbarrased to be a fan this morning.

    Kevin Rogers Reply

    Agreed Andre. The excuses aren’t be fleshed out and shown in play improvement. Just the same P.C. excuse. Not the real, such as Agholor can’t track the football, Eagles D is horrendous, especially the secondary, barring Jenkins, Mills, MCleod, Cut Agholor, release WHitesides, sadly D JAX cannot stay healthy, cut em. Go get AB, Parker, Peterson, maybe Janoris Jenkins, as well as a new formula for success, SB formula from 2017 ain’t workin!

    Andre Jones Reply

    We had the formula wit Frank reich who had wentz and that offense on point since the gotten rid of reich we havent been the same team. We lack alot of energy chemistry no leadership what’s so ever in the locker room

    Andre Jones Reply

    Howie Roseman I need you to give me a call so we can really talk about what’s best for this football team

    Kevin Rogers Reply

    Andre Jones agreed again. Play calling with given personnel. Mike Groh lacks the football IQ to effectively put players in good position for success. Then personnel. I believe moving on from Agholor has been a few years old. He struggled first few years, starting catching the ball and now he’s back to his true awful self, no tracking ability, no true gifting of getting out of his breaks and creating seperation. He lacks the physical skills to make that space. He is fast, that’s it. Give Arcega another season. Release D JAX, still fast, but cannot remain healthy. Defensively, where do I begin? Linebackers, well trash. Secondary, keep Mills, Jenkins, McCleod, Maddox. Release others unmentioned methodically and replace with true cover corners. Move on from Schwartz, Groh, keep Doug P., he needs the right coordinators around him.

Ellendale D Reply

Buffalo is gonna be frustrating, everybody get the rolaids ready

Samuel Barreto Reply

I’ve been an Eagles fan all my life their trash and I’m done watching them this year I’m going root for my 76ers now


Ay man this the city of brotherly love so hell sign AB to a 1 year deal we need a speedy HEALTHY WR

Fly Bye Reply


neetrab Reply

Carson – “I feel extremely confidence with them after this game” How? When you’ve been blown out the last couple of games??? –I hate it when people lie to us.

    Kevin Rogers Reply

    Neetrab, so true. Carson has been instructed to give the clean, P.C. answer to give the perception that the locker room is good. I assure the team chemistry is not good! Why? Just look at the passionless and heartless performances overt the last few weeks. the last game that the ‘TEAM’ played was the Green Bay game.

    Justin Brown Reply

    It’s the QB price. You get paid to be PC

neetrab Reply

How many times you gotta look in the mirror? You didn’t look in the mirror last week against the vikings??? LOL

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