Carson Wentz on Being a Leader “I Just Put My Head Down & Go To Work” | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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anotherway18 Reply

This remind me of the same press conference he had when they beat the panthers in 2017 on the road

    g henry Reply

    @Loyal Philly fan I was thinking the same thing. All the penalties, big int’s, stopping the QB, lots of running plays, wentz good but not huge yardage.

    Henry Butts Reply

    Going in too this game it did I wasn’t worried

    Soaring Grasslands Reply

    @g henry yardage overrated. Td’s is what matters.

    domanddev Reply

    This game in general reminded me a lot of that game

    TW Reply

    That Panthers game was my turning point as a viewer. After back to back last-minute stops it felt like they could get a game-winning stop against any team.

solo sports Reply

Lmao they was booing Irvin as soon as he started talking

    Rob Jarrett Reply

    @Jovan Brooks goes both ways.. Don’t be ignorant.. That’s called a rivalry!!

    Jovan Brooks Reply

    @Rob Jarrett fam calm down…lol I know it’s a rivalry….i said that for the very sure fact…

    Brent Dial Reply

    @Jovan Brooks same reason your watching this video , we hate each other

    Jovan Brooks Reply

    @Brent Dial respect…lol

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Carson Wentz is looking good so far this season. Missed a few throws tonight but he still looked good this game.

    Garrett Reply

    @Beswa Dominguez 3 TD’s and a high 3rd down conversation he’s a good QB.

    Steff Cuddi Reply

    AARON B 200 yards rushing😃😂😂😂😂

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Like how the fans cheering in the background 🦅

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    MrUHOH415 lol. Steve Smith was dying of laughter when that happened.

    Nahshon Devose Reply

    A.T X no were passionate, and hungry for wins

    Michael Wagner Reply

    it’s our to hate the cowboys 🙂

the sports guy with common sense Reply

every fan base thinks their fans are the best in the league but man oh man do eagles fans travel well and idt I need to tell you how rowdy they are lol

    xBacon Grizzler69 Reply

    @A.T X that’s your problem lol

    Musab Aydın Reply

    xBacon Grizzler69 These guys are just jealous bro

    Jason Reply

    @A.T X Why did one of them smack you upside your head lol.

    A.T X Reply

    Jason hurt

Dominique Ballou Reply

Fans should of chanted “We need Ramsey “

    aaron berhane Reply

    Rodafowa Exactly I like are Safteys tho

    jagsfanrick Reply

    Yea, he wants out of Jax and that would be a great spot for him.

    aaron berhane Reply

    jagsfanrick exactly

    Darnell Dates Reply

    Hell yeah

    A.T X Reply

    Facts lol eagles have the worst corners I’ve ever seen

LeeTravius Mckay Reply

Shannon “walk it to him”

    danny woodson Reply

    @warhead777100 those touchdowns were set up by the run he did nothing

    danny woodson Reply

    @B.Rocka my grandmother can throw 3 toucdowns if she had first and goal that was set up by the run

    danny woodson Reply

    @Y Z wentz sucked

The Latest And The Greatest Reply

Secondary needs some help otherwise they got a shot at the championship

    A.T X Reply

    The Latest And The Greatest there corners are the worst I’ve ever seen

    The Latest And The Greatest Reply

    A.T X I respect maddox for staying out there and giving his all but Jesus this guy can’t cover anybody. Jones has turned out to be a disappointment. Douglas is the only young buck I’d keep he’s got promise.

    A.T X Reply

    The Latest And The Greatest yeah bro Douglas is all y’all got

    A.T X Reply

    The Latest And The Greatest davante Adams was absolutely torching Maddox

    The Latest And The Greatest Reply

    A.T X dude over a hundred yards in the first quarter I woulda took Maddox out right then and there

Dragoonknight 7 Reply

Michael Irving:Breathes-

    Cee Geez Reply


Linkz GP Reply

So happy for Carson
Literally has been carrying this offense since opening week

    Soaring Grasslands Reply

    @theach8, M.D. there was not much to discredit tho.

    danny woodson Reply

    the team carries him he had his worst game this week and they won he had his best games last week and they lost hes terrible for chemistry

    theach8, M.D. Reply

    @danny woodson haha obviously we can’t take you seriously. so cant even respond to that.

    Denzel Robinson Reply

    danny woodson your a cowbitch fan … we don’t need your energy 🤫🤫

    Jvstobandzz Reply

    Denzel Robinson – he really said Carson is “terrible” for chemistry lol couldn’t take that serious


Carson Wentz continues to silence the haters! 🦅 🦅 🦅

    A1 Kev Reply

    MR.SMITGAMING Let’s not act like Phillies run game didn’t get them the win.

    c0oked Reply

    @A1 Kev it did, but Wentz played so great this game.

    A1 Kev Reply

    c0oked he managed the game like he was supposed to. I’ll give him credit for that.

Donald Brown Reply

Love my qb and team as well as the staff. Fly Eagles fly.

American Sports Fan Reply

I like how they outline Wentz in the thumbnail to let us know that he isn’t the random person in the background

    whatIsThis Reply

    Tbf I almost thought this video was about the cleanup crew in the background until I saw the outline

Mike J Reply

Eagles fans travel well. That’s insane

    danny woodson Reply

    Wentz has articles being written about him being a horrible leader foles had a shrine built and won philly a SB. foles had the intangibles Wentz is a scam Wentz wouldn’t have beaten Brady in a shootout wentz is 6-17 vs teams over 500 wentz is poison to eagles zero playoff wins.

    Costa Zambaras Reply

    Danny WRONG. Articles written about him?! There was one rogue reporter who has had a clear agenda against Wentz from the second he was drafted bc that reporter was trying to promote himself nationally to advance his career. And idiots like you who have zero ability to think critically just fall for it hook, line, and sinker. That article was thoroughly debunked by every single teammate of his. Yet, bc Carson is a fkn amazing human being, he handled that malicious slander of that reporter by taking the high ground.

Deshawn Anderson Reply

Damn shame how people continue to hate on this man for no reason

    Mac Williams Reply

    It’s sports. They don’t hate him

PdoubleEWdoubleE Reply

Lmao, Irvin getting heated sitting there.

yung zack Reply

“no scotch for me though” 😂 my QB is such a pure soul. he deserves all the success in the world.

Andy Cardenas Reply

the boos were so incredibly funny, being a Niners fan, i loved it and it made my day

Tony Muñoz Reply

“Let’s be professional” Michael was big mad 😂😂😂

    B.Rocka Reply

    lmao he was…And then Steve Smith didn’t make it any better by laughing

    DoctorKos6 Reply

    @B.Rocka steve smith and other dude laughing made it worse.

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