Carson Wentz “Feels Pretty Good” Heading into Week 3 | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Carson Wentz “Feels Pretty Good” Heading into Week 3 | Eagles Press Conference

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz meets with the media to discuss J.J. Arcega Whiteside and Mack Hollins' strengths, the 3rd down success so far this season, and more.

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Wentz is a legend – facts! Just hope we get that run game going to help him and that O-line picks it up this week! Go Eagles!

    Kae Guapo

    Lordblueeyes/FrankieG I’m starting to think we should have traded Jordan Howard when we had a chance


    @Kae Guapo Idk – I think he just needs to play – let him get that rhythm, but it didn’t matter who was back there cuz without D-Jax the defense just crowded it all. Howard was avg I think over 5 yards in week 1.

    Donald Brown

    Jordan Howard need to start and let Miles watch and learn the pace of the game.

Chris Cobach


Michael Gonzalez

This is why I root for this man he is a warrior and as tough as a coffin nail mad respect for him

    Call Me J. R.

    Michael Gonzalez he wants to prove to people that he can play but the best way to prove it is to win. He don’t have to do everything. I like how the team come together for him and for other guys. Hope the team can just relax and take a deep breath.

Overwhelming Tactician

R. I. P Landon


SB54 bound go Eagles 🦅

Random Hobo

Wentz I love you but if you get injured I think we should look at some trades

    Vote For Pedro124

    ayy well good thing you don’t make the decisions!

    Donald Brown

    Wentz until the wheels fall completely off he deserve it. Nick finish the sb Carson is the reason why we were in it. He get as much as walk off as a Starting sb winnibg qb. Respect you got love for him though.

    Kirkland Brown

    Did you say that about Andrew luck? If not? Stfu
    What about lenord fornette

Phillip Hampton

His first season ending injury was a result of the game. Last season and this season though he just gets beat up every game and THAT is the fault of his protection. Why can’t people understand that. The O line needs to step it up.

    Simi 615


    Alex Smith

    Well it is one of the best O-Lines in the game. I wouldn’t go so far to say the line is the only problem, but they aren’t performing like the #1 unit, more like top 5. Top 10 at their worst. A lot of plays are taking way too long to develop. Lane Johnson gave up a sack when Carson escaped left, so the end went all the way around the play. Not much better they can do sometimes. We need our receivers to be better at getting open amd better chemistry all around.

Chris Colbert

Use howard to give wentz a cushion with less wr help. He does things that make you think hes the goat, but then misses an easy throw. When he gets it all together hes the #1 qb in the league, I think that’s coming real soon.

    Donald Brown

    I agree

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo

    That’s the thing about him. He’s so passionate about the game that sometimes he gets frustrated and throws inaccurate and misguided passes. Once he calms down he takes full control and throws perfect throws.

    Virgilio Rosales jr

    The Oline can’t block to save there fucking lives

Donald Brown

If my Quarterback says he feels good I believe him. Doug and Howie do yall part and we can get through this.


    Donald Brown we won a super bowl because of dough and homie 🔥

kitdacraze phillyphilly

Alot of eagles fan worry about this team but wow look at Carson Wentz face he ain’t worry about it … Something going on here
He’s gonna turn up watch him

Go Wentz you.the man
Wentz is very tough

    drealmerz7 z

    he’s a good brainwashed sheep

    Dbz Lover

    He’s always optimistic 😎

freestyle yaaj

Dougie P needs to play some power football. I want to I-formation and singleback plays. I don’t like that we’ll lining up in the shotgun formation all the time. It’s just too predictable!

neil u

We know u hate good play calls and scoring points EVERY first half. Can u just call the philly special over n over. At least that is fun to watch


    No it wouldn’t?? The Philly special probably won’t be called again in eagles history. Right now it’s too predictable. Our play calls are so garbage right now.

    neil u

    @c0oked how many of the last 18 games first halfs were good vs bad?


    @neil u that’s a good point, I hate having a horrible first half, then score 30 points in the second half. But I’m just saying that the philly special won’t ever be called again in Eagles history, it is just too predictable now.

William F. Buckley Jr

The NFL has the best equipment this side of NASA…..except mic-stands…. And podiums[a]…


They need to protect him better. Worried he’ll get hurt before or by Green Bay.

Charles Mclean

Run the damn ball. You have Howard. Use him.

    Isaiah Mendez

    They do run the ball alot but they need to use him more

Bradley Hannesson

Carson is such a classy guy, he makes me proud to be from ND. So sad to hear about Landon’s loss in his struggle. I lost my young niece to brain cancer a few years ago… absolutely devastating to the family. Prayers to everyone involved.

Hubert Gawronski

If the guys he is throwing to a injured…. like what do you expect the guy to do


I feel bad that he has to go with the worst play calls in the NFL. Fix it.

Eric Dennis Sr

Best protection for your QB run the ball we can do this Fly Eagles Fly

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