Carson Wentz Discusses the Mood in the Locker Room, Answers Reddit Questions | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Carson Wentz Discusses the Mood in the Locker Room, Answers Reddit Questions | Eagles One-On-One

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz sits down with Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro to answer some fan questions from Reddit during this inclusive interview.

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Sam Haine Reply

I have faith in Carson & in my team
We will win

MegaLacedup Reply

Can we please go get Jalen ramsey and secure our secondary. Just give up the damn draft pick, we need help back there badly.

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo Reply

    @Doug Pederson Malcolm Jenkins isn’t going to stay at 10 mill. He’ll definitely want more. As for McLeod, there’s no way we’re getting him cheaper. This year alone he’s already showing why we needed him last year. He’s always the one I see getting tackles anywhere on the field, his pressure on matt ryan caused an interception. & he’s one of the better coverage guys we got.

    rich10054 Reply

    So true 😂😂😂💀

    D23 SQUAD Reply

    @tigerbiterhater keep Douglas put him at safety and let go of Mcleoud when his contact is up

    Guillermo Zeigler Reply

    Would be so nice to give up a draft pick, get rid of Jordan Howard and also give up one of our DBs for Jaylen! What you think?

    D23 SQUAD Reply

    @Guillermo Zeigler they have Fourette already don’t think they want a running back

Crazy Steve Reply

It’s an interesting point about NDSU, they develop players while in some cases their bodies are still growing… sometimes an 18 or 19 year old, though enormously talented, might get rushed to play. Teams that are putting 21 and 22 year olds on the field would have an advantage I would think, makes sense

tigerbiterhater Reply

Must win against Detroit. Hoping the starters will be back for GB.

    DeJuan B Reply

    Next two games are must win.


    We’re winning Sunday

    tigerbiterhater Reply

    DeJuan B that’ll be great winning two. One against Aaron Rodgers, but with our secondary. Rodgers going to light us up. He’s no Matt Ryan.

    Josh Reply

    We’ll be lucky to get Dallas back for GB. We’re just gon have to grind these next 3 games out. 2-1 in that span is a win.

    tigerbiterhater Reply

    Josh yup. I’ll take that.

Dbz Lover Reply

I believe in you Wentz 🥰

YoDa Black Reply

Your 1st drive!!?!??!?!?!! Wtf you won a ring!!!!! Jesus am I the only one that wouldn’t give af how we won, but as long as we won and I participated in team activities then that would be the highlight of my professional career.

    Marc Mazzuchi Reply

    He mentioned the super bowl…

Trey Lorinza Reply

I like the white on white

Shawn Lilo Reply

I trust in Wentz and can’t wait to see JJ Arcega Whiteside go off 🔥🔥🔥

GhettoASMR Reply

Kelly Green needs to return!!!! FLY EAGLES FLY!

ShizPhilly Reply

That’s our QB!!

Daniel Timbs Reply

1:23 they did the bryce harper and Rhys Hoskins thing!

mansoor-almami prod. Reply

Hey Carson do you own another t-shirt?

    Jay Wade Reply

    mansoor-almami prod. Fam that’s a t shirt honoring a kid who was fighting cancer but lost his battle a couple of days ago. Good joke tho 👍🏽

    Trey A Reply

    This interview was done on the same day after the press conference where he wore it. Don’t be dumb.

Phillip Hampton Reply

He’s honestly such a cool dude. He deserves to finally have his season man.

George Hillary Reply

When Philly loses this week at home against the lions, y’all gonna realise that the Wentz experience has gone on too long. Should have moved on before Foles left. His game is a bad fit.

Bigg B Reply

Should’ve asked him if they put a shrine of him in there lockers

neetrab Reply

Can you guys do a ton more trick plays, PLEASE!! As you know, there’s plenty on YouTube you can take from.

Low Tier Trash Reply

The Church of Wentz is here!

Sir Dinkle Berg Reply

Not a single question about EDP445!?

goerge cantstandya Reply

wentz lucky foles got him a ring

FY G Reply


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