Carson Wentz, Brandon Graham & More Prep for Week 2 | Eagles Livestream – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Interesting show up 24 minutes into broadcast and no comments? Seems like their not allowing live comments anymore either. Bit of a misnomer when they show these practices usually most broadcast is of the team stretching. Guess it a good thing the team doing so much stretching though, seems like the # of soft tissue injuries is way down (so far..) this year. Best wishes to the team down in Atlanta – Go Birds!!

spike23 Eagles

ATL!! Your next!!

    drealmerz7 z

    ‘your’ eh?

zai awsome

Plz guys beat the falcons if you loose I have to wear a falcons jersey



    Trey A

    You do know how to beat that bet, right? You wear a Falcons jersey UNDERNEATH an Eagles jersey 🙂

Kevin Pendleton


JP Gunny

Use Sanders and Howard more! Pls!!!


Sometimes.. I sit back and wonder. What the employees of the organization say about working for the eagles. Must feel nice 👍🏻

Marlique Sheed

Them big boys better stretch like them skinny boys. Stretching is so underrated.

Shannon Blair

Yo ya gotta change the background music tho!

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