Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 6 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jerry Junior

Bucs 30 Panthers 36

Fortnite God JP

I got Tampa winning 28-27 with jameis having a decent 250 yard game with maybe 1 pick and a couple touchdowns, but McCaffrey will have another great game with 125 yards and 2 or 3 touchdowns

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

As a Bucs fan, I’ve got the Panthers with the upset

    Matt S

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos how is it an upset?😂


    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos how is it a upset lol

    trill 1

    @EMOJIBULLY He’s a Bucs fan so he will be upset when they lose.

    Thomas Paiva

    Not an upset but we already smashed you guys..i don’t trust it this time though

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

I really want to see if they Bucs can stop McCaffrey 2 times in a row. He’s been unstoppable.

The Dark Knight

London games are always so unpredictable.

Bucs 37
Panthers 30

    Vonte Ross

    Lol we’re not letting the Buccs sweep us

    trill 1

    You dumb asf if you think the Bucs are gonna put up 37 points on that defense.


    @trill 1 Howd that Rams game go

_ Myfrotho704

38 – 35 Carolina, we win by a FG, DJ Moore has a career day while McCaffrey is suppressed a bit, we get 7 sacks

#popcornblast Awinde

Wow, the bucs play the panthers again


    #popcornblast Awinde yes a division opponent

Drafty Galaxy

Panthers: 34
Bucs: 28

Hunter Davis

Buccaneers 28 panthers 17

Vonte Ross

People picking TB 🤔. I think my Panthers will win tho.

    Spark Guild

    Heck yeah

    random person on YouTube


    Thomas Paiva

    We beat y’all already but Idk I’m scared this time lol

Jonathan Frimerman

Its in london




its quite simply if we shut down McCaffrey anywhere close like we did the first time the bucs have a VERY good chance at winning, if we don’t then we have a VERY good chance at getting beat down bad.. we have probablem with scrambling QB’s and to make things worse we most tight ends eat us alive. Oh yea and we also have our whole right side of the Oline that’s injured against the #1 pass rushing defense smh…


We don’t have cam sabotaging so we should be good.

Jeyvon Wright

Panthers are not getting swept by Tampa bay
Panthers 37
Bucs 24



Cameron Briglin

Panthers win 28-21

zmon 8426

Buccaneers win 27-21

random person on YouTube

Panthers 28
Buccaneers 17

Thomas Paiva

I cant trust this team at all with this vanilla offense…. What happened to brats and O.J. ?? get them involved

Mark Symbala

Panthers 9 hugs 7

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