Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
derek harvey

17 person to see this love you guys!

Colt Savage

The last time I was this early Cam Newton won a game as a starter.

Broken King

Cant stop Watson in the 4th

    Rocky Lee

    must stop Watson


    Only way to stop him is to outscore him

Luis Hernandez

This us the first time I have seen the NFL actually support the Houston Texans. Let’s go H-Town

    Jeremy Helms

    Only cause cam ain’t 100 they don’t believe in there backup

    Gideon Ozumba

    Jeremy Helms no😂 even with cam Watson n Texans are better 💀

    Mr. Clean

    Somebody is fallen for the trickery. This dude underneath me still doesn’t get it ⬇

    Luis Hernandez

    Gideon Ozumba my bad I meant to respond to that other dude

    Damn Feds

Alexander Rahl

Go Panthers!

Jet LaDaDaDa Life

Panthers lost by 3 points to the rams without a quarterback……. Don’t sleep.


    #Saquon Barkley#GOAT#Better Than Zeke with injured cam who sucks 🤨

    Damn Feds

    Derrick Lee

    They’ve been worse with their main qb , just saying.



Texan Football Houston

The secondary needs to step up and get healthy


    Bradley Roby has been great, LJ is molding into a good cornerback. Hopefully we address CB with our 2nd round draft pick. Not as bad as it was last year though. 🙂

Robert Myers

My CarolinaCats will prevail this 🌞. 🏈31-24


    @Dlove go Texans baby

    Robert Myers

    Keep that same energy when u watch the Texans take that “L”

    Freddy Perez

    Dude you are overhyped cause a backup beat the CARDINALS and he barely played 1 game this season chill out son dont take it to far😂🤘🏼#TexansNation

    martin love

    Carolina will win!!!

    the Awesome brick

    Noobs go texans

chris madsen

The back up for Panthers looked better than cam newton


    Jeremy Helms our corners in Houston look like back ups🤦🏽‍♂️ roby has been ok tho

    Rocky Lee

    cam Newton will return for week 5

    Derrick Lee

    MrMarcus3450 we have all this cap, I don’t understand what we are holding it for. Letting duane brown go previously then Kareem Jackson. Wtf.


    It was the cardinals calm down people

GJC Sports

Panthers 27-21

    random person on YouTube

    @Elijah Cano no

    Fun Gamer Fever

    Lol no Texans 28 Panthers 13

    Elijah Cano

    Alr xD Just Watch Till we play this week in see how gon win

    Fun Gamer Fever

    @Elijah Cano Lol y’all are really overhyped playing a trash Cardinals team and there rookie qb XD

    GJC Sports

    @Elijah Cano You won’t be saying that when Kyle Allen rips apart the Texans defense.

TsT Dimmest

Panthers 24 Texans21

    Mr. Clean

    Panthers 28 – 13

    Fun Gamer Fever

    Texans 28 Panthers 13


Let’s go, Panthers! Keep Pounding

Demonta Seward

Let’s go panthers💙

Doc Brown

Panthers 23
Texans 24

Daniel Sahagun

31-24 texans

Wayn Cross

Panthers will win.. 37 – 24

    99 overall Stoner

    Wayn Cross hell no… as soon as the o line comes back to real life another qb will be injured. I literally watch panthers line get swung out of the way

    joey keenan

    Wayn Cross lol nah

G.O.A.T Gaming

Panthers def dominant again now that offense stays on the field more

Armando De Los Santos

I’ll be there to watch this beat down of the Panthers

Shawn Thao

Panther will win 35 texans 21

Meteor Smash

Panthers 26
Texans 30

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