Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals Week 3 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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AlisaBosconovich Reply

Cardinals 21
Panthers 14

Mike Jay Reply

The Cardinals wins game 26-17

Escocivo 30 Reply

I got the Cardinals winning. Cam isn’t looking good and the Cardinals are doing better than expected.

Panthers 17
Cardinals 24

Kevin R Reply

Cardinals 24 Panthers 17

Matthew Miller Reply

Rookie Kyler gets his first win. Sorry Panther fans.

    charles spencer Reply

    Matthew Miller I mean it seems to be headed into that direction

ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

Cardinals might get their first win. 14-21

Doc Brown Reply

Panthers 20
Cardinals 23

Sean Bozeman Reply

Cardinals 24
Panthers 16

stormzzz Reply

Panthers 24 cardinals 27

    monique marshall Reply

    If we kept the Ravens at 23 I think we can keep the panthers at 17

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @monique marshall exactly. And the ravens game was at 10 am, and you know we never play well in those games. We should be able to have a pretty convincing win this Sunday at home

    stormzzz Reply

    @monique marshall 👍

hunter gumtree Reply

Kyle allen will start for panthers and come out playing better than everyone expects and our run game will come back to life and panthers will win by a td thats my prediction

    Matt Jones Reply

    I’m starting Kyle Allen because fantasy team is screwed.   Is he gonna go out there and sling it?  Or is he gonna look like a deer in the headlights?

Meteor Smash Reply

Panthers 26
Cardinals 27


People picking us to win?! Last time I seen this was back in 2015, will be a good game looking for revenge from that embarrassing NFC Championship game. Good luck panthers

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    Dude lmao right? It’s been so long since we were the favorites of a game

    Goat Ninetynine Reply

    It has been a long while since we were favs in a game. I don’t think we were favs in any game last year? 🤔

    Pinarron Reply

    @Goat Ninetynine Deservedly not.

Daniel Sahagun Reply

38-17 cardinals

Tenno Tube2 Reply



    Tenno Tube2 same

David Renteria Reply

Cardinals will win this one

Alan Womack Reply

Panther’s Slye attempts 17 field goals, makes 15, and panthers lose 63 to 45

Hokies/Cavs At Best Reply

Cardinals- 17
Panthers- 16

Both QBs are garbage

    Smellslikeupdog Reply

    Kyler is a rookie and isn’t garbage. Cam Newton is also clearly hurt and is great when healthy

    zAcK guitarist Reply

    @Smellslikeupdog cams rout garbage 😂

Fred Castro Reply

Panthers have a better defense but I’m taking my cardinals by a field goal



Nick Norton Reply

300+ pass
50+ rush
1 W

@k1 stats.

Coming to a State Farm Stadium near you.

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