Carlton Davis: ‘Believe It or Not, Brady’s a Competitor’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Idk To be honest Reply

Well just me…

Kevin Knight Reply

Chris King: “Next is Jenna Laine”
Jenna Laine: “What does Tom Brady drink from Starbucks?”

    Melv Reyes Reply

    Jenna lane: so, playing corner is one of the hardest positions to play in football. Does Tom Brady glow under the sun like the vampires from twilight?

    Kevin Knight Reply

    Melv Reyes lol that’s a good one!

    NMS Cafe Ka-Tet Reply

    Lol every question somehow phrased around him

    Ralph Jeudy Reply

    She needs to be stoped 🤦🏽

    J&M Explorations Reply

    She is just pathetic! Worst journalist I’ve ever seen!

Matthew Frazier Reply

Davis is such an asset for the Bucs!


    Totally agree. Bucs should not let him walk when it comes contract time.

Biinkiss Reply

Every year I am excited and hopeful for our team. GO BUCS!

    Jakob Bennett Reply

    Same, I hope it’s different this year.

AMAR Reply

Dang, every player, every day, every way, this woman is all about Tom Brady!

    20thCenturyMan Reply

    I will give credit just this once Carlton really lit up to his answer for that question, most of the others were like we feel fans feel about her asking TB questions.

    salamipitza Reply

    she works for espn and that means you have to be fixated to TB12

LAnthony Thomas Reply

Dude is a beast! Love how aggressive he was last season! Julio who? Deandre who? Michael who?

Duc Duong Reply

Man, I love Carlton. He’s a cool dude.

EZbucs Reply

OMFG Jenna. I am officially deaf in my left ear. You will be hearing from my insurance company within a week thanks allot. Get her outta here bro!

EZbucs Reply

On the other hand Carlton is such a calm cool dude for being such a great DB💪🏾

DM N Reply

Love this dude

Feelz Reply

@3:31 him talking about Tom Brady gets me so hype for this year.

    Stuart H Reply

    Yeah he lit up when talking about how going up against Brady made him better and how good Brady is.

D. Wright shawtmuzic Reply

Offense,defense, sanitary department, covid testers, groundskeepers….

Jerry Daniels Reply

Headhunting all year 💣💣💣 💯#$tillabucslife

TILT Reply

Mr Carlton Davis Smile….. Says it ALL…..

AaronsVids2 Reply

Jenna acts like Tom Brady is James Bond

bright light Reply

I thought Brady was playing for fun this whole time

eric Jahuey Reply

He killed it last year!!! Our best cover corner!! All pro year this year, I’m calling it

R K Reply

Next up, Jenna asks the place kicker what it’s like to punt for Tom Brady.

Mike Rawls Reply

Professional grade player sir.

Ehric Young Reply

What kind of watch is my guy wearing?? Where you get that bro, I need one

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