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Josue Tejada

I remember when people said Lamar was better off being a Running Back. They look stupid now

    Shad Ruth

    Cardinals and dolphins stink please

    La’ Garv

    Styx people like you are the main ppl hating on Jackson lol

    PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200

    stupid. you think he can do that week after week in the nfl and not get hurt.


Ravens fan from Denmark, so happy we did it again! Lamar looking better every day !

    John Scherer

    Odd coincidence, I just watched the game in Denmark


    Love it. That we have fans in Denmark and all the world.#BMore #RavensNation

    Mats Rosenkranz

    @QUEENBEE200384 Sorry mate I like the Ravens but I am Chiefs Kingdom

    MäyräKoira -

    @Aitor Tilla is it true that some of us europeans apparently can’t take a joke

    MäyräKoira -

    @Mats Rosenkranz not really libtard

Awesome squad Family

Hollywood clutch at the end was so good for us 🙂 Lamar Jackson threw that really good

    Jeffrey Carter

    yeah, just Keep him away from dogs

    Awesome squad Family

    Jeffrey Carter Be quiet u hater Salty ur team lost

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All jokes aside Lamar improved a lot throwing the football.


    @Tony Micel,


    amare Logan

    @Gabe Kapler the man said improved he didn’t say he was the best and it dont matter who he played only a hater will say he hasn’t improved the last throw to brown where he had to drop it right in the bucket was a throw he didn’t make last yr….


    The hash marks are vastly different, but aren’t the fields the same width?


    J Dolo
    His skin color has nothing to do with it. You are just a racist.

    Zac The Mac

    Jake Blaze you rather him take a sack instead of keeping the plays alive ?

Brandon _

We need Pat Pete back desperately but gg , our offense looks way better we just gotta score in the redzone. GG Ravens y’all got a stud duo in Hollywood and Lamar. #RiseUpRedSea😤

    Lazor _US

    @Angel G you don’t watch football

    ptv wavy

    Brandon _ fr this is coming from a ravens fan but I take back everything I said about kyler Murray y’all was in the red one so many times on the best Def. in the NFL if y’all would of scored my ravens would have lost

    Ryan Murphy

    Angel G ? Byron has looked really good everything considered!


    Chiefs getting Pat Pete after his suspension over 😉

    Ryan Murphy

    VaChiefin hahaha I needed a good laugh 😂 thanks for that

Christopher T. Clark

Lamar Jackson got some hands for a running back…#provethemwrong


    @King Leo usually black quarterbacks don’t last long.

    Christopher T. Clark

    @King Leo bruh…It’s called sarcasm.

    King Leo

    @Christopher T. Clark seems like more than sarcasm when the comments comes from mostly from whites

    King Leo

    @braxtomania mostly All quarter backs don’t last long tf you talkn about haha

    King Leo

    @Christopher T. Clark If you have speed why not use it. So every quarter back that runs is trying to be a running back

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Lamar Jackson is a freak. He can run, throw, and block! What can’t he do!

    Dewnyne King

    @La’ Garv yes bro and tua and others Beast college that are black like come on bro this dude a 🤡

    Alex Caprar

    Win a superbowl ring?

    Kwasi A King

    Gabe Kapler Doug Williams… Russell Wilson

    Kristyan Winston

    0:46 they need to fire the defensive backs coach

Mathew Lagueux

If the ravens pass defense plays like that next week…. we’re coming home with a fat L…. hope Jimmy Smith can come back… we need you Jimmy!

    Mathew Lagueux

    @chris Morales ik… I just don’t like the fact the ravens let a rookie QB get 349 pass yards in their house…. that don’t look good for next week one bit… hoping Jimmy Smith can play… or else I think the ravens are in trouble… Marlon can’t covet both Watkins and hardmen… that Robinson guy also looks good… ughhhhh

    Chuck Norris

    @Maliek Herbert awful? if chiefs D is awful what does that make denvers D ? we held OAK to 10 points and 2 int’s…

    Maliek Herbert

    Chuck Norris 31st ranked defense last year. 27th ranked defense after week 1. We’ve only seen them two games so far, Baltimore will test where they really are.

    Shawn Christianson

    Maliek Herbert The Chiefs defense was aweful last season. They look so much better this year. They are tackling and forcing turnovers. Don’t be so confident. 90% of the defensive personnel of last year is gone including the defensive coordinator. We got new faces across the board. Not to mention our offense plays lights out. It was a good game last year, but if our defense wasn’t a dumpster fire, it probably would not have been close.

    Christian Hoffmann

    Home opener at Arrowhead, much improved defense top to bottom, and Mahomes already on pace to break the single-season TD record… defense HAS to step up or the Ravens will get crushed.

Justinn Zamora

Good stuff, Baltimore!

I’d love to see the Ravens win the AFC North again. Lamar Jackson continues to impress me.


    The Ravens are in best position to win and repeat.
    And this time around, they are determined to go much further than the last time.
    These guys are not playing; they are committed and determined.

    A Crazy Diamond

    I just want anyone but the Patriots win the AFC.

    Max Rothgaber

    nirbija ravens fans here, offense is definitely looking good but I’m very concerned about the secondary


    @Max Rothgaber

    I read you loud and clear; and no one is anointing the Ravens just yet.
    However, when you look at the state of their division, can you not see a repeat playoff, and with a less stressful chance than last year?
    And having reach the playoff this year, can they not advance further than last year.


Things I learned years ago and people are finally realizing: Lamar is the real deal


    You can call him the “real deal” when he puts up the same numbers against a team that isn’t the Cardinals or Dolphins.


    damn… he guud.


    he`s better than last year, when he was running 120 yards for a gain of 11 yards a game.


    @Car Ram-Rod “Playoffs, don’t talk about Playoffs!!” – Jim Mora


yall gonna get a super bowl out of me blee dat -Lamar Jackson

    james carpenter

    so when is brady retiring?

    mike time

    I can see it in about 3 years


    @Gabe Kapler well nobody besides Brady wins super bowls often lmao 😂’s his 20th season in the NFL and he’s been to the super bowl 50% of the time 🤦

    michael srite


    Nobody blamed pigment, as race is more than skin deep.
    All the races have different attributes like IQ, hormones, and build.

    White QBs do better typically.

    When you listen to Lamar speak his own language so poorly, even after 3 years of college, you should recognize how unintelligent he is.

    I predict he’ll be a flash in the pan.

    Ghost Big Q

    Hell naw . He played Miami and Ariz two terrible teams let’s see how he does vs Kc next week that’s the true test for him

Jared GOAT

Im losing to a guy in fantasy that’s starting Tyreek Hill and Hunter Henry wheres my Ls

    Intercepting Fist

    No one cares about your fantasy team

    All Alone

    Intercepting Fist I do

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Intercepting Fist why you mad bro?

    Dang Le

    Jared GOAT 😂😂😂

Bryan Merritt

Ravens secondary has some stuff to clean up
Cardinals made a lot of big plays to keep themselves in the game

    Matthew Arnold

    The D needs to be better then this if we are going to beat the chiefs.

    E M

    To be fair, Murray got lucky with a few of his throws, just threw it up with a prayer and bailed out by recievers. Although it did mystify me how Fitzgerald was wide open a number of times.




    @E M there’s no such thing as luck. That kid has an arm. So your basically telling us that 80% of mahomes throws were luck also? Because that’s exactly what he was doing also against the raiders.

    Goat Herder

    Maybe Kyler Murray is THAT good.

Boss Lion13

As a Lions fan, seeing the Cardinals play like this shows that our tie was no fluke. Even if they lost.

    -Can Ameri-

    Kyler Murray looked good overall. Two receivers with over 100 yards is really good for his second game against last week’s top defense.

    steve O

    This game showed me Arizona’s defense is not bad at all, Kyler can ball, and Fitz is looking like he is still top 5 WR in the NFL, clutch receptions.
    I’m a Lions fan and our defense is top 10 in the League. Our offense is probably middle of the road 10-20. I wasn’t sure till I watched Cards play good played like they did in 4th quarter last week. We beat the Chargers D showed up timely turnovers, a little luck, and some big plays on offense for the win.

    Kevin R

    💯 💯 💯


Looks like the Ravens have a great quarterback on their hands!

    PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200

    @Lyndon Bernard lol he’ll be broke up by the end of the season. you

    Uppity Sombitch

    let’s hope he’s not into dog fighting.

    Lyndon Bernard

    @PunchQuote – formerly hhh1200 Only time can tell but,for now he is riding the wave of success and I’m happy for him. It’s not everyday you can prove the people who doubted you wrong. The man is talented and has come a long way and seeing the fruits of his labor come into fruition.

    Erik Lerström

    @TheAngryPelican I wasnt really talking about you, you seem like a very reasonable person. just the fact that I became “the enemy” to so many people simply for not buying the hype hard enough. im used to people coming at me on youtube lol but not for players _I actually really like._ Ravens could be a SB favorite next year if this keeps up, one hell of a window with a QB making that little of the cap…

Project X

Wow Jackson’s pass to Hollywood Brown was really good. Seems like this offense is going to get better as the season goes by.

Howard Sanders

This is only the beginning for Lamar, his mechanics and game management will only get better with time!

I’m A Legend

Damn, still no one talking about how Mark Andrews and Matt Judon stepped up in clutch moments. Same with Hollywood Brown

    AaronMac Productions

    I’m A Legend alot of pieces to make Lamar look good. . He got talent around him this year


Larry Fitzgerald, the least rewarded man in all of football.

    John Herrera

    @Benjamln Lewis wtf are you trying to say?


    I’m a Ravens fan but I love Larry Fitzgerald, I think everyone respects him.

    Travis Gunn

    He could have all the awards/rewards and it still wouldn’t be enough.

    John Herrera

    Diesnt and how good you are if you got no rings by that age it’s a waste of his career

    Steven Stotts

    And somehow still one of the most popular.


The absence of Robert Alford and Patrick Peterson are really hurting us.


    Just like the absences of Jimmy Smith and Tavon Young are seriously hurting us

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